Daily Reward twice in one day? (SOLVED)

I was looking at today’s deal when I noticed the daily coin button was not grayed out, even though I already clicked it once already today. Out of curiosity I clicked it again and I got another 23 coins. Now my daily streak is a day higher than it should be and I’m a little worried it might look like I cheated the system or something.

Today’s deal reset 20 minutes ago so you may have clicked a bit earlier?

Oh…now I feel stupid :stuck_out_tongue: yeah Truly I have the deal page bookmarked when I use the bookmark it still shows yesterdays deal, but when I refresh it changes. I guess the coin button did change even though the bookmark was a little messed up

Don’t worry you are in good company.

And good thing you did the first click when you did otherwise you would have broken your streak.