Daily reward interrupted?

Who can see the strange thing in the picture?

By the way, I tried many times the day before yesterday, but I couldn’t click on the coin. I thought there was something wrong with the website, and yesterday it got back to work, and my daily reward didn’t break, but today, my daily reward is still interrupted, WHY is it delayed for 1 days?

It’s been almost 30 days, I can’t accept it.

wrong time logging in before/after sale reset,
and/or cached page you needed to refresh/clear

easy mistake to make, and seem to happen to some once in a while
consistency is key, -also remember some countries have daylight savings time, so when that happens the time gets cut/pushed by an hour,

I just want to say, my country doesn’t have daylight saving time.
Sign in on time every day, persist for more than 20 days, but at the last minute it was interrupted by web cache failures, who’s responsibility?

doesn’t matter if your country doesn’t have daylight savings time
chrono does (USA)
so their/sale/coin/server time changed 1 hour, compared to countries that doesn’t, -making it easy to “miss” the coin reset, if the window was already narrow

also, “last minute” check-ins isn’t a good idea, you leave much room for error,
and when/if something happens like that, i can’t say who’s to blame, -time, you, your system, your ISP/network, or chrono’s server?
all i can say is i’ve had 0 issues, checking in timely, clearing/refreshing cached page, and coin worked perfect for me, every time
so could be many things, but the later you check in -the less time you leave to work around an issue if one arises…