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Cyberpunk 2077 Goodies (NOT THE GAME) Free @ GOG (Until July 4, 2020)


To claim, go here

and click on the Free price button on the right side under Related Games:

This is what’s in the Goodies pack:

I am not putting this under “Giveaways” so people don’t glance at the title and see the tag and automatically think that I am giving a copy of this game or something and get disappointed by clicking.


got it thanks. ôlove the arts, screenshots and wallpapers of any game


On a side note, GOG brought back the Ultimate RED Collection

Pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 & get all the Witcher games at the biggest discount ever!

Every pre-order made until July 4, 5pm UTC will receive cool #Cyberpunk2077 merch discounts reaching up to –35% from the #CDPR Merch Store, @JINX & @DarkHorseComics 🤘


— GOG.COM (@GOGcom) June 24, 2020


Gonna give it a whirl and preview the covers and concept art just to admire it. Cool they are doing this in a scale like this, though the Internet is an ever growing landscape where concept art can easily surface than back then.


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