I was ready to let yesterday’s bygones be bygones, but apparently some people won’t let it rest -

Phrasing like “sincerely apologise” and “all jokes aside” don’t cover the fact this is a direct attack on my person. Ironically, I don’t think he/she knows the meaning of the word sincere. I replied -

I immediately disengaged this user. Since then, I received 3 PMs from other users warning me about @LordAo’s behavior and how I should just “ignore” it. Ok, I’ve done that, and more than 12 hours has past but now I’m receiving PMs from the offender -

I have no reason to believe these are sincere messages based on the previous sarcastic posts. I’ve said nothing else to further the argument or prompt additional abuse from the user. I’m not going to have this behavior covered up in PMs.

I have not, and have no intention of replying to abusive messages.


sigh… comn man… ease up on the newcomers @LordAo :unamused:

sry you’ve had a rough introduction @ohko, people are generally nice around here, even those that can be an “acquired taste” usually aren’t overly obnoxious :expressionless:

hope you can brush off the bunny and still stick around :hugs:


it’s not just the newcomers though

I think @LordAo’s memes are generally very funny and appreciate their humor a lot, but they can be a huge douchebag at times too, and just for the record, I’m not even one of those who sent any pms, but i guess i’m not the only one who feels that way

there’s a difference between mild joking around with someone or even joke-trolling them and outright insulting them

and also just to be clear; i do agree that this qualifies as bullying


You both had some bad takes, just shake your hands and move on.

¿ This site’s rules can be a bit wishy washy, as some may know (!) /s


Not sure if this post is relevant, seems to be about a completely different type of issue tbh? Though I somewhat get what you mean about the rules, not that I really agree either. I rather not hyper strict hyper stated rules. censorship and that.


i think it’s also that peoples sense of XYZ/humor varies, so sarcasm, trolling, “poking” gotta be adjusted for different people -to none at all.
you don’t just toss a javelin into someone (you don’t know), you gently prick them with a tack, and go from there.
-and even aside the point of some people might not even appreciate a meme flood just on its/in x topic own regardless of above joking or sense of offense.

also been raised that derailing is “a thing” around here, but new people aren’t aware of that(obviously), and also doesn’t always fit well with certain topics compared to others where it “must happen”

^but either way, following up in PM’s i think is just a step too far against new people/where uninterested signals have already previously clearly been raised…
then it just becomes excessive trolling, needlessly “hounding” someone new…
i mean i can be a bit much myself too, but comn -at least bubblewrap people that aren’t used to you yet…


y dude, but no one’s talking about memeing or derailing here, and if we were, I’d be right there with u

we’re talking about outright insults and personalized attacks on someone’s psychological state etc., aka bullying, big difference


aye, but that’s how it’s started, which is why i think it’s a good idea to just (attempt) to tone down one’s desire for “regular” sarcasm/meming with new people
then you (might) not get the derail or uninterested "difference of opinion"negative banter that was in the ga thread -that then escalated to this (imo) uncalled for excessive trolling that crosses the line
(don’t know if it’s clear but i’m at no point trying to put any remote fault on ohko, i’m trying to say if we/us/“people”, like ao, just (try) refrain from our “usual” meming/sarcasm behavior with “strangers”, we might avoid this sense of escalation all together to begin with -especially around new people to not put them off)


And i thought i finally found a place on internet which was people bullshit free… apparently i was wrong… slowly climbs his branch up and hides behind leafs


The wonderful moderators have taken appropriate action and put LordAo in timeout for awhile. I’m sorry that this happened, this community is generally pretty chill and I want to keep it that way. Since action has been taken, I’m going to be locking this thread as it will likely only devolve.