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(currently taken down) Register your ASUS product to get a free Origin Access Basic code



Register your ASUS products now to get a free Origin Access Basic code and an exclusive vinyl


This promotion is conducted during March 5th and June 30th. In order to acquire a free Origin™ Access Basic code, please register your ASUS products to particpate in this promotion. With this code, you can experience Anthem™ for 10 hours and over 100 games for one month. Meanwhile, you will also receive an ASUS exclusive vinyl (Wildwood vinyl) to customise your Javelin!

Event time:2019/03/08~2019/06/30

Edit: It seems like the website is currently under heavy load, so you might not be able to go past the registration.


I wonder if they’ll accept registration of old motherboards from the late 90s, I have several.


I mean feel free to try, but you have to enter the date when you bought it, and the year selection doesn’t go that far, but maybe you can trick it. :smile:


Not particularly interested in Origin, so I’m not gonna bother. But I suppose you could claim you bought it yesterday, 2nd hand off ebay or something.

If anyone here is interested in getting origin access I have a fair number of old asus products sitting around so let me know if you want to give it a try.


Also if anyone wants the Vinyl code for Anthem, here you go: ?3FVN-3ASE-@KMC-C?9Z

? - the second letter in the alphabet
@ - number that comes after 6


Seems like I was too late and they deleted the event by now :frowning: had a soundcard and an old motherboard to register.

Thanks for letting us know nonetheless :slight_smile:


Yes ,yes continue!

Aw…lost me here


Yeah. It seems like they took it down due to the mailing being a complete mess or something like that. Maybe it will reappear again when they fix it, who knows.


There is a new promotion with origin access on RoG Arena. It’s a limited amount so it might be gone soon. But you can earn more of this reward starting Monday, April 1, 2019 at 12:00 PM!

FREE Origin Access Basic on 1 month

  • Register on RoG Arena
  • Confirm email
  • Claim reward
  • Redeem on Origin (+1000 APEX coins & Epic Flatline skin)



Sometime I would like to try origin access for a month or so when I get the chance, too bad im busy and my main pc is busted lool so I have no where decent to play it.
But it sounds pretty interesting…