Can we get an option to chose what currency is displayed? I look at sales and don’t even know what things cost because it’s just in dollars. I know I could just currency convert but it would be nice to not have to do that.


The store will charge you in USD so that’s the price the game will cost, it will then depend on what exchange rate or additional fees your bank adds to the process on what your final local price ends up being. If Chrono made a guestimate at what the daily exchange rate was and posted that as a price but then still charged you in USD you’d most likely end up seeing a different price to what the store claimed on your creditcard/bank statements.

That would to some degree be illegal some places and just plain annoying in others. So they’d have to charge you in local currency in order to put that price on the page, chrono doesn’t trade in currencies other than USD so USD is the price that will be listed.


There are several online stores(ie, Ali-Express) that put guestimates and put a very clear disclaimer that is just that, that the charge will be done in USD and that prices will change based on exchange rates and other fees, I don’t know if they change that in a per country basis, so it maybe that since they are big companies they can allow themselves to do that.

A small notice below the USD price saying “aprox. $199 pesos/euros/chimichangas” would be nice thou.