Currency (USD) keeping us (CAD) from buying!

The problem is that with USD only prices and being in Canada the “deals” usually end up being more expensive than the normal price on steam after conversion plus the credit card / paypal companies taking their little extra but of the slice. If there was regional pricing that took into account the price of that game on the Canadian store then set the same discount that would probably lead to enhanced sales from Canadian users and I know I would have bought way more than 1 game from this site after visiting it everyday for about a month and a half. So far the coins are the only thing that keeps me coming as I know the game deals are 98% likely to either be the same price as on steam or even more expensive for us.

Store prices in USD just make it so Canadians (and a lot of other countries) don’t actually get many deals from this site as 30% off just bring it back to par with our regional price on steam in Canada in most cases.

This has probably been brought up before but I wanted to make a Canadian specific thread so all us Canadians can chime in!





A priority


I’m not Canadian, I’m Brazilian. :brazil:

I cannot begin to tell you how impossible Chrono makes for us to buy from them when they only use USD.

If I buy a game that’s 70% OFF here, I’m paying basically the same as full-price on Steam or GOG.

So yes, I’m bumping and approving of your thread. :+1:


Thank you for saving me the work.


That would definitely be nice to see for users who are effected by it. Perhaps regional pricing isn’t already available because of a limitation with’s payment processor or the way the contracts for each sale are setup. Hopefully it’s something can work on introducing in the near future. :grinning:


I can‘t complain. Deals end up being cheaper for me, so IF they do it, don‘t it in Germany, yeah?


i’ll just echo this once more too
i get why others want their own currency, and i’m all for it so everyone benefits with more sales(i also understand the potential issues there could maybe be making it a reality also)
-but, one of the things that make Chrono a bit more attractive to me is the US$ price tag, since even if chrono features a game i want at the same discount as other stores, the fact it’s not in € (or even worse DKR) actually makes it that little bit extra cheaper for me (and on good days a lot cheaper :smile:
so if possible, by all means give “the others” their currency discounts to boost those regional sales
but please, pleeaase, for the love of the all holy ‘Gold Standard’; don’t start to sell in 1:1€ :pray: :blush: :kissing_heart:


I buy but I try to use my US survey monies…It does hurt when I have to use the CA Money. :persevere:


Yup, I really hope there’ll soon be a way for us down here in Rio-Land to actually get most of the discounts…

I completely understand that the hassle for international deals and agreements may still not be a priority to the company at this point, but I won’t refrain from exercising my irrevocable right of making the widest most twinkliest puppy eyes at them until they cave in and gimme my gosh-darn Jackbox Party Pack 3 discount, for Pete’s sake!
I’ve been waiting for months upon months for a deal like this to pop up and now I’m hit smack-dab in the face with the realization that Steam’s Brazilian store sells the game for pretty much the exact same price I’d pay in reais for today’s offer with the current exchange…


Not the puppy eyes, you monster!

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Don’t do it for my sake i already have that game