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Curated lists of free and/or discounted games to help deal with social distancing



For a limited time…

…again, scroll through for a few more freebies and/or discounted games.

GDC Relief Bundle (content of the bundle fluctuates +/-)

I was just about to make this thread myself, especially since there are some pretty noteworthy games for free there, like She Remembered Caterpillars.

EDIT: Holy crap, they also have Bleed and Bleed 2! I’ve been interested in those games for a while.


Couple of tittles here I’ve actually wanted to to try out, this looks really cool.

And I think I spot a train game @Danacscott


-looks at steam backlog :grimacing:… yea, iii don’t think that’s gonna be a “problem” here :sweat_smile:



There are a lot of games, assets, etc. coming and going in terms of being free at the moment. I have looked though many such pages today and these are what I think might be suitable for some of the people here:

Also for beginner Japanse learners who want to get a slow introduction through Romaji (5 hours, 500 words or so)


A few more potentially interesting titles for the good folks here:

Methods OST: