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Crusader Kings II Is Now Free to Play!



And it seems all the DLCs are 50% off.

Crusader Kings II - The Olds Gods Expansion for free

Free for the weekend, or free…forever? If it is free forever, this is a huge thing. CK2 is a great game!


It’s a good game, but it’s really heavy on the DLC. Base game is almost like a demo when you check all the additional mechanics that are added by the DLCs.


I played the game for about 40 hours without DLC. It isn’t so much that it feels like a demo at all. It is a full game without the DLC. You can have a ton of fun still without the DLC and if you play with others who have the DLC, you get access to them too (except to the customization ruler DLC). The problem is that once you play with DLC, you realize that the DLC adds so much new depth to the game that you really can’t go back.

There are hours and hours and hours of content in the base game. CK2 DLC is just exceptionally good at content, and most of the content they market off as DLC should have been regular patches and not sold.


Checking the discussion it looks like whether it is free to play or a free weekend or a temporary free purchase is unclear.

If I had to guess, it looks permanently free to play. I think they will make their money from their DLCs. But who knows? I guess we will have to wait a week to find out.

I haven’t bought many DLCs so I am definitely missing part of the game. So I guess they know that most of their buyers only have the base game anyway.


Thanks for letting us know. This looks like a really cool game I need to try out!


Now we know why they made it free to play forever!

Crusader Kings 3!