Crucible F2P by Amazon goes live today

I don’t know anything about this game at all. Did this get promoted at all? I suddenly hear Lirik saying he’s downloading this, and that’s it.



I heard it in the news quite a bit I guess it’s Amazon’s big game to match what’s out there like fortnite lool
Well the character models look interesting


I don’t know, only heard about New World till now.


I did a closed beta test for this a while ago. It was pretty fun. It’s kind of like a battle royal game, but more team oriented with cap goals? Actually, almost like battlefield in that sense.


Well it did not have a great launch. 44% positive reviews
i was planning on trying it out but after reading some reactions I’d rather wait and see if they will be able to improve their game


i’ve seem some streamers play this and i don’t find the game appealing to me at all. I know that’s not very insightful, lol, but there rly isn’t much to say about this game so far, not from what i’ve seen at least. not sure there’s a market for it


It’s not my cup of tea so I’m not personally testing it (nor did I volunteer despite having direct connections at Amazon Gaming) but I don’t understand the aggressively negative reaction to it’s launch. Could someone explain?

A mediocre aggregate review would be high 60s, low 70s due to score skew, so 44% is noticeably bad. For a major player (amazon), popular and blended genre (BR+team), and debut title (initial forays into entertainment usually receive a “halo effect” forgiveness for some glaring faults that more experienced publishers and devs would not get), I’d have expected a score much higher. Even when weighing in genre saturation (too many BRs) which can pull down scores, it still should have been buoyed by the other aspects if it was truly mediocre. Anybody want to weigh in on what went wrong? :poop: