Creating a Universe; Exploring Literary Genres

So! I achieved what I wanted. Exploring Xianshia and other things helped me figure out how to create boundaries and set rules on a (created by me) universe.

No one wants to write themselves into a corner. Example: but the Warg could have just set that guy on fire, before the guy got close enough to stab it right? Coz a giant dog with huge teeth also, naturally, casts Fire 9. And Phoenix Down. :cold_face:

Wuxia is like Bruce Lee level of martial arts, incredible but still just believable. Then you have a genre that has demons and humans as expected races in the universe. Keep going and you get Gods and other Immortals and whatever else that I haven’t read up on lately.

Instead of updating and explaining in this topic, I’ve been brainstorming and identifying the plot holes in the storylines I’m working on. Guess that’s what I wanted - a way to ground myself by using established genres as a jumping off point.

Just so you guys know, I’ve been super happy in this head space, which is new. It’s been freeing to ruthlessly untether couples that neither change or improve each other. My friend Ash and I have spent many hours roleplaying our “people”, getting to know them. We’ve got 100+ individuals, including humans and non-human.

After brute forcing the world’s limits and y33ting some characters, about less than 10 of the established personalities is what I’m likely working with for the Romance I want to write now. It’s in the Boy Love genre. Sorry, idgaf.

In any case, it’s something I want to do as it makes me happy. May never ‘publish’ the story and since Ash is so busy, we may not even collab. It’d be like making a fanfiction of our previous works, lol.

At the same time, I’m exploring more music and finding out that Apple has all the best editing apps. >.< If you’ve read this far, thanks for the likes on this thread, though it wasn’t helpful to anyone really, meep!

Will keep it here for further updating as I learn to multitask better. Two swap is still too many hours spent on one activity. grumbles :chipmunk:


Wuxia (武俠 [ù. ɕjǎ]), which literally means “martial heroes”, is a genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists in ancient China .

Xianxia meaning “immortal heroes,” is a Chinese fantasy genre that focuses on characters who undergo meditation and training to become transcendental beings. It is often called “cultivation fantasy” by western readers.

Typically, Xianxia protagonists start off at the very bottom of society in terms of strength and standing. They eventually improve enough to achieve immortality.

Wuxia vs Xianshia
(caveat) Xianshia goes “high fantasy” with demons, spirits magical beasts (dragons, fox spirits.), any of which are capable of higher thinking.
For eg. A Demon sect with a form of governance and hierarchy that need to be respected, controlling their own region, outside of human society. Hence, immortality, magic and enchantments are part of this kind of universe.

**Xianxia to watch:**
Animations - Thousand Autumns, Scum Villain's Self-Saving System, Legend of Exorcism
**Wuxia to watch:**
Movies - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Kung Fu Panda

Video Games - Jade Empire

Other Literary Genres


Manhwa, Manga, Comic, Web Comic


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Credit where it is due, but I’m not likely to give you exact footnotes and such like. If you find any interesting articles, books, even podcasts relating to our thread, feel free to share and we can store really useful sources here. Cheers.


Xianxia and Wuxia



Chinese Bestiary | Immortal Mountain


Still reading and wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into… bro. It will take years to process the facets of the culture. Here’s a cute thing called the Baize Lion.

“also called the Beast of the White Marsh. An auspicious beast which can speak human languages and is known for its great wisdom. It looks like a white lion with horns and (sometimes) multiple sets of eyes”


That’s so cute and interesting


Yes! Never thought I’d see a lion and think “sheep! fluffy sheep!”, XD

In the Citation post, I have a link to the page. It runs deep. The dragons alone - so many cool creatures, the vast majority have picture links as well.