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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Steam giveaway [ENDED]


most giveaways here have some limits just to prevent ppl from making an account just to participate in that giveaway, but there’s lot of giveaways here all the time, so u’ll soon be able to join all of them! So just stick around and enjoy this great community.



I just wanted to congratulate you on that job! That’s amazing man! It is always good to hear good news like this from people. :slight_smile:


I am entering for this one. Congrats on the job and thanks for being generous! :smile:

No great news has happened in my life lately, but I’ve got this lingering feeling that something big is gonna happen since I’m trying to figure out my college tuition.


Congrats on the job man! :tada: : You deserve it :blush:

I am entering for this one.

Some great news I had in my life is… :thinking: the day I received my first copy of a Crash game xDD
Nah… Although that day was great (it was my first playstation game too), I’d have to say the day I got my job was pretty amazing. It took me out of my depression, helped me see the toxic relationship I was in, gave me freedom, independence, helped provide groceries for the family, and is enabling me to study at university… Which has been something I have tried (and wanted) to do for a few years but it was too expensive

TL;DR: Crash is awesome, and so are jobs.

Some celebratory memes (since it is you, @M00, we’re talking about):



First off, congratz on the job sir, sounds great! I will try to think about you in my prayers to make this year a great one for you and your family :grin:

So I’d like to participate cuz I wanted this game for a while, used to play these Crash B games a lot as a child but it always seemed too costly.
So thanks for the opportunity!

What’s your Steam name so I can add you? Even if I don’t get the game I’d like to add you :grin:
What’s SFW? sorry I’m a dummy.

Great news? I’m getting married to the love of my life tomorrow :star_struck:
Thank you God!


Congrats on the new job, not entering, but good luck everyone.

@eliaviaene go here and make a guess :smile:, and check the whole thing, lots of friendly people there.
SFW = Safe for Work, as in a normal profile that you can safely look at work (with none of that kinky stuff some people like to put on it)

Congrats on the marriage


Congratulations on the new job! I wish you luck on future endeavors! :smiley:
im entering btw


Well I heard about this guy that got a job with a big multinational company who was looking for proofreaders with specific experience/knowledge/languages and that was pretty cool life experience. Any way Thanks for doing this giveaway and God bless.


That’s amazing M00, congrats!! my recent great news is that we’ll be moving back to be closer to my wife’s family (which has it’s own challenges), but there are lots of new opportunities for us in that area, and hopefully will put us closer to our next steps as a family (and hopefully back overseas).

Edit: I would like to enter please.



Congrats M00! Life Loves You. I am happy to hear God has once again found its own way to support you.
Say this, “This is the beginning of a positive turning point for me.”
(not entering, as I already have too much games)
3 games in one, I remember Crash Bandicoot was a big hit when I was a teen! Even the kids television program use it to attract viewers! Now They have re-branded the whole thing and upgraded it! How nice :smile:


Congrats @M00, I am sure you will do great in the new job.
I will enter for this one only because i have had it on my wishlist for a while.
Great news hmmmm… I remember hearing about my fathers radiotherapy for cancer going well and that he was coming home. I went to visit him in hospital just after the treatment he did not look great, so I was relieved when I got the news. This was when i was in my preteens and hes still around today, little cancer problems here and there but he is still chuggin along.


I want to enter!

People on the internet always bragged about 3 games that I never played. Donkey Kong. Spyro. And Crash Bandicoot. So now I have a chance.

Let’s see…good news recently. I bought some animals to take care of. They are wormed, thin, and too small for their size with fleas. So I get to bring them up properly for many years.


I’d like to enter. What is your steam name?

And great news… Oct 24th was my 15yr anniversary for working for Walmart, and Feb 14th is my 19th anniversary with my husband!


I definitely want to E N T E R.

Crash Bandicoot 1-3 are my favourite PS1 action games and favourite 3D platformers of all time (didn’t play Spyro the Dragon, though; also missed most of the Mario games). I was sooooo proud every time I managed to master a level to get a box gem (1st Crash, you needed to get all boxes and not die once on a level) or the required Golden time, or find any of the many secrets without using hints and walkthroughs.

Heard that the balance is different in remake, and that the controls changed a bit; really wanted to try it for a while.

I didn’t buy the game when it came out because I was shocked by the changes they made to the iconic Crash design. It seemed like it would be Ratchet&Clank all over again: more soft, more simple and no fun anymore. But it’s been a while, so now I’m used to Crash being a bit more furry, soft-lined and realistic.

Concerning good news… That was quite a few years ago, but that was when I knew my current romantic partner was attracted towards me through all the years we’ve been friends.

That was such a relief. I didn’t want to be a creep that makes a friend feel uncomfortable by their own longing for a “deeper” bond, so I spent about 3-5 years (don’t remember already) trying to be the best friend I could be, sometimes trying to touch the romantic ground, but extremely lightly, so it was hard to notice, I guess.

Then there came a day when I couldn’t hide my feelings anymore (also, the relashionships we both tried with other people with other people didn’t work out at all), so I confessed. I thought the answer would be “sorry, i love you, but as a dear friend…” Instead i got something like “YEAH YEAH YEAH YUP YUP LET’S DO THIS I SO TOTALLY AGREE I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH ANYONE ELSE AND YOU’RE MY ONLY LOVE LET’S BE TOGETHER FOREVER”.

And so, we were together ever since (now it’s year 7).


Congrats! I would like to enter. Some thing good, I have found a place to call home.


I would like to enter :slight_smile:
I kind of messed up my school (university) and stumbled into a supermarket job which I didn’t like at all. I worked there for a few years untill I found a program that gave me a minimumwage while paying for a university-like education, so now I am in my first year of becoming a teacher!


dude, that is awesome!


Congrats on the new job! When I think of great news that I’ve gotten, I think of the two times in the past that my sister told us she was expecting.


k ppl; i’ve contacted the wiener and they now have to answer asap!!!


Wiener wiener, chicken sausage!