Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Steam giveaway [ENDED]

OMG: I got a job with a big multinational company who was looking for proofreaders with specific experience/knowledge/languages

Hence, I decided to get myself this trilogy (I’d normally just wait longer for a better deal down the road :smiley: ) and also give one away on Steam:

Conditions for participation:

  • member here since 2 weeks
  • have 6 community badges here
  • declare your participation within 24 hours of the making of this post
  • friend me on Steam to receive the game (profile must be SFW) [if Steam does not allow me to gift the game to the winner, I’ll choose another one]
  • answer to my pm asap as I’m giving the game on such short notice because it is on sale for 47h only at this time, if u take too much time and the deadline for the sale approaches I’ll choose someone else, and so on, until someone receives their copy before the sale ends
  • tell us about some great news u got at any time during yr life (u can choose during yr whole lifetime in order to make it ez to share something which u do not deem too personal)

As for me, I’m grateful to God for many, many things, the foremost of which are my wife, mother, and kids, and the fact that I got this job after undergoing a very difficult year without a steady income, but He granted us the patience to cope with all related difficulties.


Congratulations on landing that job!
Not entering though as I have no real interest in the game and someone else probably wants it a lot more than I do.


Not entering, but way to secure such a great job! Here’s hoping 2019 continues to give you more wonderful opportunities in your life :grin:

Good luck on the giveaway everyone!


-NOT ENTERING- Just wanted to say congrats! I’m so happy for you and really hope they appreciate and value you the way you deserve :slight_smile: Also amazing giveaway! I actually never played a single Crash game so in a weird way it’s better to go to someone who probably loves them if that makes sense? Good luck in your new adventure!


I am so happy for you. Not entering but Just know I was praying for you to get a good job! Yea :tada:

/Does happy dance!:dancer:


Thank you guys; I can’t rly believe it yet, lol. Now I should enjoy my time off, lol, as they said they’ll get in touch with me at the end of the month for onboarding.


Hey @M00, I am entering for this one. :slight_smile: Thank you for being so generous once again!

I think it’s great that you are giving away such a lovely game, it’s been on my WL since I found out about it.

Great news I got during my life was when I was 9 years old, living with my grandparents, with my parents studying overseas, that they would be graduating and I could go live with them then. My recollection of my parents before that point had only in handwritten letters and a few printed photos. Letters took about a month each time, and I for sure didn’t know what I was writing at the time. But it was exciting and scary at the same time.


congrats!, hope it’s a wonderful gig :blush:
-can one assume this means you’ll get your grammar nitpicking quota satiated at work? and one no longer has to worry about weather* or not to fetch the dictionary before making a forum reply? :smile:

not entering, just happy to see things turn out so well after all :+1: :hugs:

*totally didn’t do that on purpose


I’ll throw my hat in! :slight_smile: Meaning i’m participating.

Gratz on a job btw. Sounds promising !


sry, but u can’t cuz u don’t qualify; next time :wink:

thank you though


Uhh :slight_smile: No problems.


most giveaways here have some limits just to prevent ppl from making an account just to participate in that giveaway, but there’s lot of giveaways here all the time, so u’ll soon be able to join all of them! So just stick around and enjoy this great community.



I just wanted to congratulate you on that job! That’s amazing man! It is always good to hear good news like this from people. :slight_smile:


I am entering for this one. Congrats on the job and thanks for being generous! :smile:

No great news has happened in my life lately, but I’ve got this lingering feeling that something big is gonna happen since I’m trying to figure out my college tuition.


Congrats on the job man! :tada: : You deserve it :blush:

I am entering for this one.

Some great news I had in my life is… :thinking: the day I received my first copy of a Crash game xDD
Nah… Although that day was great (it was my first playstation game too), I’d have to say the day I got my job was pretty amazing. It took me out of my depression, helped me see the toxic relationship I was in, gave me freedom, independence, helped provide groceries for the family, and is enabling me to study at university… Which has been something I have tried (and wanted) to do for a few years but it was too expensive

TL;DR: Crash is awesome, and so are jobs.

Some celebratory memes (since it is you, @M00, we’re talking about):



First off, congratz on the job sir, sounds great! I will try to think about you in my prayers to make this year a great one for you and your family :grin:

So I’d like to participate cuz I wanted this game for a while, used to play these Crash B games a lot as a child but it always seemed too costly.
So thanks for the opportunity!

What’s your Steam name so I can add you? Even if I don’t get the game I’d like to add you :grin:
What’s SFW? sorry I’m a dummy.

Great news? I’m getting married to the love of my life tomorrow :star_struck:
Thank you God!


Congrats on the new job, not entering, but good luck everyone.

@eliaviaene go here and make a guess :smile:, and check the whole thing, lots of friendly people there.
SFW = Safe for Work, as in a normal profile that you can safely look at work (with none of that kinky stuff some people like to put on it)

Congrats on the marriage


Congratulations on the new job! I wish you luck on future endeavors! :smiley:
im entering btw


Well I heard about this guy that got a job with a big multinational company who was looking for proofreaders with specific experience/knowledge/languages and that was pretty cool life experience. Any way Thanks for doing this giveaway and God bless.


That’s amazing M00, congrats!! my recent great news is that we’ll be moving back to be closer to my wife’s family (which has it’s own challenges), but there are lots of new opportunities for us in that area, and hopefully will put us closer to our next steps as a family (and hopefully back overseas).

Edit: I would like to enter please.