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The Lion’s Song, season pass. -40%

All-time low: -30%, last on Jun 22nd, 2018.

1st episode is FREE on Steam. Rating: Very Positive.

CLICK HERE to trade with me! I’m giving the coupon out for free, of course.


My review of Episode 4, which also mentions the game as whole:

The Lion’s Song is set mostly in the prestigious “City of Music”, Vienna, during the early years of the 20th century. Throughout the first three episodes, the players are waltzed along streets filled with music, fanfare and the bohemian life while following the lives of three people: a struggling violinist, a budding artist and a strong-willed mathematician.

(…) I have to say that The Lion’s Song and all of its chapters receive a solid and emphatic recommendation from me, especially if one is entangled in the world of the arts or seeking a tale that is told not only with silver-tongued phrases, but a tenderhearted tone.


-50% Niffelheim (early access game from the devs of Craft the World that went to start their own studio) - PM me for coupon

Type: side-scroller exploration (crafting/survival) RPG
Size: indie
Graphics: 2D, quality art (not pixel style)
Theme: Nordic/Viking
Current EA stability: near perfect
Current EA progress: solid game as is, looking forward to more content.
Current EA updates: once a month minimum, estimated Sept 2018 release.


55% OFF for >observer_



Let me know if you want it :ok_hand:


I also have the Graveyard Keeper coupon, exact same thing.

Let me know if anyone wants mine as well!

Valid until 8/30/2018, btw. :butterfly:


@harith and I have a 10% off Guacamelee 2 valid until the 28th.

Let us know if you want it! :butterfly:


I also have the same coupon, for anyone interested.

If any one is curious, the game is currently 10% off on Steam in its release week, and if you have the coupon, it stacks. So you end up getting another 10% of the remaining price, with the resultant game being 19% off total.


Me too.


but i thought 10+10=20?


It would be nice if they did that. But they always compound coupons and discounts this way… 10% from the coupon counts towards the remaining total after the Store discount.

So 10% from store = 90%.

then 10% of 90% is 9%…

10% + 9% = 19% total discount.


hm, today i learned


so 2 50% offs isn’t 100%, well dang it!


If anyone is interested, let me know…

This just popped into my inventory, no idea why.

The expiration date is noon EST, so that’s Sept 26 at the same time as the Chrono deal refreshing.


66% off seems pretty good for this game, so if you want it, let me know, the timing listed is US Eastern Time. But you have a week to ask for it. :slight_smile:


great game better with friends but only if you all have the same level of interest in the story and world


I just got a new coupon that I’ll never use, but I’d say it’s a pretty good deal so I’d like to share it with you guys.

66% off Bryan Audley’s Numbers (spelt as Brayan Odleys Numbers on the coupon, though?), which would make it $1.86 CAD. Good until November 19, 2018, which is 8 days away.


When I saw this I was like, “hey that’s (that movie)” then I was like, “hey that’s pretty cool”…then I was like “hmm I think that can only be good as a movie”.


Yeah, it seems that’s what a quite a few of the reviews think as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got a 10% off coupon for:

So you get 35% with the sale, I see that @DanosaurJr and @Gnuffi have it on wishlist, so if any of you want it pm me. :wink:


Same, I also got this. Any idea why? :butterfly: