Coupon Code of 66% OFF on Beholder

I bought the Point & Click Bundle From IndieGala. and I got a coupon for Beholder for 66% off. I already have it.

Here is the IndieGala Site:

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Coupon Code of 66% OFF on Beholder can be redeemed only on and will expire on January 29th, 2018.


Let me know if you want it.


Same here. Got the same coupon, same rules. Just lemme know if you want mine. (: :butterfly:

I got beholder on the last humble bundle to try and trade with someone and no one (so it seems) wanted it xD

I was on the chrono discord for a week trying to trade it away xD

someone had even said they wanted beholder but didn’t want the other games on that tier, and then he just disappeared.

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I think it is silly to buy a bundle for one of them to be a coupon, very deceptive…


Well, that’s capitalism for ya.


Well, I knew it was included, when I bought it. I just figured I could give it away…Not Like I haven’t bought bundles and half the games I already own.

I just don’t want to waste the key…If someone wants it.


As for me, I would have impulsively clicked “buy the bundle” and then realize that I was buying a coupon after the purchase.

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