Could we get a timer for when new items are being added to the shop?

The title says it all, really. Just some indicator for when the next restock is coming that isn’t just “every two weeks”



Humble Bundle has a count down timer when its deals go stale. It’s either 2 weeks or close to when Chrono should be adding more games to spend your coins on, I would say. But then again wasn’t Chrono the God of Time…or was it more like Krono…surely I digress…


Maybe it WILL happen, but the staff seem to really not want to tell when the next games are coming out. I haven’t seen an actual response anyway. Maybe they’re telling people when I’m not looking :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it WILL happen, but the staff seem to really not want to tell when the next games are coming out.

And I support them on this. Somehow it makes sense to me.

I know how it feels so frustrating when you miss out on a game you really really really wanted to buy your whole life. I get that but think of all the people who have bypassed the safeguards and are unfairly harvesting games from here. We know that it is an actual problem that the Chrono Team (Marle, Lucca, Frog, Magus, Robo and Ayla :stuck_out_tongue:) is looking into. If we give them a countdown timer to pinpoint the exact time a new game hits the shop, who knows what they’ll do. For the heck of it, someone may even D/DoS attack and that’s always a scary thought.

Keep it mysterious. Adds challenge to it. For all we know, there’s someone else who won, who deserved the game more than you :smile:


I definitely agree to this idea. This topic needs more likes so the devs can see it.:smiley:

The people behind Chrono ARE aware of some people not being too fond of the lack of accuracy. This topic doesn’t need more of anything and there are enough posts both in topic and reply form already. This system is still in it’s infancy and time is required for improvement hence the wiggle room.
Also, as you can imagine it’s probably really difficult to get a bunch of game keys whether it’s for free or buying in bulk for cheap and each carries it’s own challenges unless you’re going for trash tier games by developers who care the most about the trading card profit.

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maybe info about new games in coin shop could be added to RSS?


@Jami dono if this applies fully to coin shop game release
but you do get notification via email if you’re signed up to newsletter when new games are released

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I undrerstand they need flexibility but maybe just the day would be nice

I’m assuming you’re coming here daily for the coins, so it’s only one more click to check the coin shop too. Are the games selling out before you do your daily coin grab?

The better games do tend to sell out rather rapidly as, for example, the last lot of games went live several hours before the coin refresh. People end up stockpiling their coins because of the quality of some of the offerings (not a criticism, just an observation) and so when a good game goes live it goes quick as people have spare currency. Certainly, The Bug Butcher was gone before many had a chance to grab it.

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I really don’t want this. Just like don’t really want that Chrono sends me a notification to never forget the daily gold coin click or something like…

I mean… Why? There will be no more game feel and I just want to play :smiley:

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I made a site for this a while ago, sorry I only just got around to necroing the thread.


and so, one year later, the necromancer woke up and started raising his army of the undead