Cool Tricks

I’ve heard a lot of people tell me cool tricks whether having to do with numbers or illusion.

My trick is quite boring: How to multiply any two digit number by 11.

Example: 48 x 11 (add 4+8, put the ‘1’ in 12 with 4 so it equals 5)

Then smack the two in the middle and you’ll get 528.

And then finally realize that this is a useless trick, and you could’ve done it quicker with a calculator. :grinning:


i have a cool trick to know the weather without leaving the house.

first step find a window.
second step look through it.

or use a weather app


good to know!


How to multiply anything by 5 - divide that number by 2, than move the decimal one to the right. It’s a dumb little trick, but I thought of it when I was in 2nd grade or something, and am still proud of it :stuck_out_tongue:


If you take a number and multiply it by 9, then put down that finger on your hand (going left to right from left pinky), if you count the number of fingers on the left of that finger as the 10s place, and the number on the right as the 1’s place you can determine what nine times any number is!


i just tried 9x2 and i got 8… :thinking: instructions unclear detonated nuke in museum


This assumes you have all your fingers…
You should have put down you left ring finger (2nd finger from the left), leaving your left pinky on the left (1 in the tens place), and then the remaining 8 fingers on the right: 18.