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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Dana Carvey, the legend:

it’s just great how he can’t keep it up by times


damn… anyone else admiring the glorious porn-stache ?
that white nose broom is almost Tom Selleck or Ned Flanders worthy, -magnificent whiskers


New Lucas the Spider video.


lucas’ cousin tangos

(man i love attenborough’s narrations)


Rollin on with the spiders here, because @coralinecastell showed me this awesome vid of a cute spiderling high five’ing
my “feed” has been “stuck” (omg the puns :joy:) with spider vids and this awesome thing got caught in the recommended

(+it’s the dodo channel, no harm in multi posting/recommending their vids :blush:)


I love that the spider was scared of him in the start, but then changed it’s mind once it knew his intent, and just sat there waiting like it was getting a normal haircut. :heart_eyes:


yo @hivefleetbothan look at this!

Awesome video, Gnuffi. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


OMG SO CUTE. :yellow_heart:

Thanks dear for linking it here. For some reason YT won’t notify me of the important stuff.


I was summoned… so I came. Because lucas the spider was brought up is anyone familair with George the spider?

In regard to @Gnuffi and the wolf spider, I would be careful using the word ‘likes it’, I don’t know that the spider calmed down, but rather went into a state of reduced activity. Spiders have crazy weird metabolisms and musculature, where they have the ability to move quickly only for a short period of time, then they need to ‘restore’ their reserves. More than likely the spider was exhausted and simply couldn’t run any more. Lifting the legs is simply the cheapest energetic avoidance strategy, and when that doesn’t work it just holds the leg up.

Also as per usual I can’t tell if it is a male or female wolf spider (For those interested it is a very simple question:

And I will also add videos to this thread (spider joke get it?):

(This isn’t the species I always think of, which is a smaller spider with cool patterns, but I guess researchers don’t put their videos of spiders spitting in slow motion onto the internet)

Sorry that this is a long video, but I just caught another two colonies of these yesterday so they are on my mind.

And the most interesting animal I know about:


No Problem, It’s been happening a lot lately to me to but good thing is follow most of my favorite youtubers on twitter so i got notified on there when a new video is out.


Forget solely relying on Youtube and their bell, you should almost always follow them on every social media account. Just to be safe.




JOHN CENA!!! :rofl:

PS, stay woke b****es :joy:


まらしぃ reached 1mil subscribers recently and did a marathon medley video. He’s a very talented pianist who’ve been playing anime, game themes and his own original stuff on niconico and youtube for a pretty long time now. Check him out if you enjoy piano music.


dang… that’s some seriously good stuff there! :+1: thx for pointing me in his direction :hugs:


Dude looks into some weird shit



so for some reason that reminded/took me to this scene/sketch :joy:

(PS to @K16, nice catch on the “french system requirements” btw, i never even noticed that :+1:)


Huh… I was wondering why a link popped up at the bottom of my forum post. Neat! Also, I don’t recall British humor being this clear and easy to follow.

(PS to @Gnuffi, thank you! Also thanks for inspiring me to learn how to do small text! I didn’t know it required HTML tags to do so! :+1:)
(PPS to @Gnuffi, also, I just earned my first emoji badge. Apparently I don’t do emojis during the entire time I’ve been here… Huh, figures.)