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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend



Love this video.


this, is, f’n, glorious :rofl: :joy:

-if only this sovereign citizen had inserted a flaming elmo pic at the end of the court filling, it would have been true perfection :ok_hand::face_with_monocle::smile:


I was confused what was going on, until it said ‘Florida-American’.

Then the pieces fell into place.


All the best news stories begin with “Florida man (or woman)…”



reminded me of that scene from This Means war :joy:


Not sure if y’all gonna share in on my humor about this one BUT IT WAS WORTH A SHOT


It does, it does. :joy:


John Oliver, “correcting” children’s ambitions, by crushing one dream at time :joy:

all mermaids will be boiled alive! :rofl:


So this was recommended to me by youtube on my front page and this is actually pretty neat and thought I’ll share it.

And This is a follow up video of him making a program to sift thought the cache files.


It’s actually more like a horror story, especially considering the fact you have no idea what those files are in the first place until you convert them.

When skype was taken by microsoft I was really frustrated that it makes a copy of every file you receive, but at least you can go easy to that directory and it keeps it’s file type so you know what it is and can be a bit useful if you deleted it and need it again, instead going through your conversation history. I’m pretty sure that those get deleted when you clear your history or you can manually delete whatever you want, but the point here is that you know what is stored and you can see it! compared to discord where you have to go for 3rd party software it seems …

I barely use discord, but that’s pretty idiotic on their part considering that most rooms there are full with 12 yo filling your PC with crap and what not. I hope they fix it asap or provide some options to control this - like make the cash temporary and get’s auto cleaned on every launch or something.


Thank goodness for John Oliver…

Personal favorite moment: Shows Ukraine RUSSIA

Also, @TR3NT thanks for letting me know about this, I have been recently experiencing some annoying issues, and now I suspect that discord may be the blame!! Thanks for saving me some troubleshooting.



it’s not YouTube, i know


It appears he became a Sensei after that, there was a guy that did the crab dance for 10 hours which in my opinion is more impressive since he was actually moving around and dancing, cant imagine how his legs felt after that one.

edit/ here it is




dang, took me like an hour to remember to actually post this :unamused:


Probably not very interesting to most people…


Me irl

and I blame @coralinecastell for introducing me to his videos, smh