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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


At first I was like wow this is interesting and then I realized, isn’t this a compilation of people tormenting frogs?

poor pepe


I better report the video for violence!


So happy someone had this uploaded!


Behavior is weird an nuanced. It depends on the species, and the situation.




been a while since i’ve enjoyed or been entertained by something so printer related :smile:




:rofl: :joy:
“i’ve got my katana under the bed, i’m not afraid if i have to whoop some ass” :smile:



Ok that’s… interesting? lol
any blink fans? d:
or her fans, kek



what in the world lul
d u m m y t h i c c


P.S: (The title translates to “Decorating a broken wall with a 3D pen”)
P.P.S: (There is English subtitles.)




If you haven’t seen it yet this is quite cool.


This put a smile on my face, I remember fondly watching most of the comedians featured over the years.


Even though I grew up listening to SpongeBob in Portuguese – a version which I adore – Tom Kenny is such a gem, he always puts a smile on my face. :blush: