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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend



Yes, Jelle is the best!

This here was the first one I’ve watched and got me into the thing, haha


Quality content! :grin:



I see your pecs and raise you a full body


I never noticed that this thread and that one aren’t the same4533


ahh sht, somehow that got to be a direct reply instead of regular reply, sry truly :confused:


@Gnuffi, I found a wonderful video of a new book one of your best friends is selling:


been watching a couple of this guys vids, (no idea why tbh :smile:), he is almost “annoyingly” enthusiastic about ants/his narration lol, but still some neat or half-interesting stuff here and there

saw this and recalled our resident Mr Ant-man @hivefleetbothan talk about escaping ants(or something), and thought this was some pretty neat “natural remedy”/interaction he decided to think of, even if maybe not as “practical” during ant study/“science handling purposes” :smile:


Thanks for the call out!

No such thing…

There are way more interesting ant-termite interactions… But, the termites have the more interesting sides to this conflict…

These termites have ballistic snot they shoot to entangle ants (and ant-eaters).

Now as to the spider v ant thing… Fire ants figure out how to escape all the time. it is mainly because they are so annoyingly aggressive for space. I just finished preparing my master’s work, and I got a little scared that somebody else might be doing my stuff! Luckily it didn’t seem to be the same project. Bullet dodged, especially 3 days away from my defense! It is well documented that ants (and insects in general) are strongly reactive to spider webbing, you can do this just about anywhere and bugs tend to avoid those areas.

Also, I am unsure why the filmer would try to use live web building spiders… Especially if they had a giant source of webbing nearby. Fire ants (for those interested) tend to be hyper aggressive towards stuff (especially if this is a nest that was harvested from nature instead of being hand reared) and they view most invertebrates as food not friends (or predators).


This reminds me of this Sheep video

Realization: wait these videos are made by same people


The last year he’s just been kinda absent to make his book. I know, seems pretty outta left field but i don’t blame the guy. Him making generally disturbing or off putting animations for Youtube and Other TV stations for over a decade. Yeah, he’d probably wanna do something different.

BUT. He did actually make a new bowel wrenching video, that i suggest don’t watching unless you don’t have anything against innards?!? :nauseated_face:


I know GameGrumps is essentially a Let’s Play channel, but, like I mentioned in another thread, I especially love their weekly 10 Minute Power Hour. They’re pretty wacky, and not for everyone, but I love these guys goofing around on camera, and maybe somebody else here does as well. I linked a recent episode I found particularly funny.

Also, there’s this channel called Potential History I can recommend to anyone interested in memes, tanks and WW2. Granted, some videos are influenced by World of Tanks, but I don’t play the game at all (War Thunder is better. Fight me. :stuck_out_tongue:) and still find all of his videos both interesting and kinda funny.


I found this amazing and goes along with the other marble and engineering videos.


Amazing video by the amazing dunkey.


very informative, it’s like i went to kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, college, and university, all in 2 min


I lost it as “this is a Jackie Chan” omg :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

This channel is amazing. The patience involved… I can’t even.

Although I suppose it is somewhat game-related… :butterfly:



I have been summoned. If you want an excellent book about army ants, there is a really good summary of everything science knows about it (written in 1995 by William H. Gotwald Jr.) which I highly recommend.: Army ants: the biology of social predation.

Bridge-making is cool, but you know what’s cooler? Psychedelic brainwashing.

Apologies for the cheesy effects.