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To start off:

AMD Navi in July! Card showcased is called Radeon RX 5700 series. It appears to trade blows with the RTX 2070. More details on Navi at E3 on June 10th at 3PM PST.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X - $329 USD
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X - $399 USD
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - $499 USD

Available July 7th (CPU confirmed, GPU likely)!

NVIDIA’s announcement to follow shortly.

Edit: Revising to prevent spread of misinformation.


Quick Recap by Techjesus


Creator laptops with RTX Quadro processors and A New NVIDIA Creator Studio. I kinda hope that wasn’t their Super Announcement.

Laptops Starting at $1599.

I stayed up for that… I’m going to do something productive and go to bed.


I’ll be looking forward to seeing what AMD can pull off with the new GPUs. I bet it’ll just be a refresh like it always is, but if they can hit the RTX line and beat its price I’m going to be laughing and laughing. NVIDIA needs to be smashed to pieces already, though of course I do hope AMD improves its quality in the long run. As someone who has only ever owned AMD GPUs I have really only “eh” things to say about them.

The CPUs on the other hand (Ryzen) are amazing. Hope AMD hits 'em hard.


I think I’ve heard people/amd themselves make claims like these every time they announce anything for years and years and so far I can not recall a single instance of it being the case in the end.


Vega 64 was said to compare to the GTX 1080, and it does. And you can pick the Vega 64 up usually below $350-700 (later price depending on high end models), whereas the GTX 1080 was $700-1000 at the time and is now $1,200+. You gotta factor in the time it takes for the AMD cards to “mature” though, and their lack of features compared to NVIDIA, power consumption, and heat output.

The Vega 64 is now being beat by the RTX 2070 though, I believe.


They said +10% in Strange Brigade.
Here is the stack with the RTX 2060. Amd does well in this title so I dropped it’s +10% margin.


Turns out Super will be detailed at E3.


“Computex” sounds like something a toddler would call a computer before their speech fully forms.


My thought exactly. Reminded me of Robert Baratheon going: “Gods… what a stupid name! Who named you? A halfwit with a stutter?” :joy:


Found an interesting breakdown but I forgot to share:


Longer, more in depth version: