Community-Website integration

Often members of the community may already own a game being featured, and when that happens we come here to comment about positive impressions. Well, that gets pigeonholed here and is not really accessible to casual buyers. What if community members could “vouch” for the games on the main page? Would give another layer of interaction, possibly.


Definitely a neat idea! We’ll think about how to best implement this and see where we could fit it into our timelines.


On top of that I’d like to suggest that IF this gets implemented, the user should have the option to nominate their post, rather than have all posts be potential highlights. Some people may prefer to have their posts read in a forum and not exposed to the main page. And some may make a positive comment without actually playing the game, but the words can be misleading and be confused with an actual impression. So when we make our posts, perhaps we can click on something to say, “Consider This Post For The Main Page” or something. Again, this is just a thought for the distant future.

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