Coins Suggestions and site progression

I am really liking the new coins idea, for a while i was just popping in now and then as I felt many of the games didn’t interest me ( i am pretty picky with games) but this has certainly got me coming back every day.

I certainly understand the idea behind it, give coins as an incentive to get more people to look at the site, more traffic equals more potential sales at the sacrifice of a few keys for free, which is sound. But my question is what is gonna convert those views into sales?
I certainly not professing to be a marketing expert or anything like that and as i said more traffic = more potential for sales as you may catch someone with the coins to see a game they want on sale, but this also just entices some people to come here and just get their coins every day without even considering the game on sale just so they can get free games.

I was just thinking would it not be a good idea to link the coin system into buying the game as well, which could potentially entice more people to buy the game, especially if they are on the fence about it. You could maybe give the person x amount of coins per dollar spent on a game (100 coins per dollar for instance) or for every order
you could give them a special chest that like your streak chests has a base amount of coins plus some random number or extra coins.

Also the site has been around for about a year now right? Happy anniversary! Since the year mark is near (or passed i am a little unsure) if you have time maybe you could answer the same questions i asked in this thread again as i am still interested in the progression of the site.Sorry for the rambling and thanks for your time.


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I think the idea that giving coins for purchasing games is an alright idea, but the daily login system is an excellent addition for one main reason: you HAVE to go to the page. I’ve been claiming coins every day as well (minus one, RIP streak :expressionless:), and there’s something that’s consistently happened: I’ve looked at the game. Many of the games that show up here, I’ve never even heard of before… between the RSS feed and Brigador-Bux next to the purchase button, I certainly know about them afterwards.


Glad you’re liking the system thus far Peter! We’re definitely considering a lot of fun stuff for coins, so don’t worry that what you see now will be it, this is just the first step. Myself or @EMCL will give a progress update soon. :slight_smile:

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@PeteMcc Basically, you are trying to suggest what GOG is doing (am I allowed to mention another site here?) here which in my opinion is a very effective strategy.

For those who don’t know, when GOG has one of its sales, it has this one specific sale type wherein if you buy a game you get points and after reaching certain points, you get a certain game for free. Now I don’t remember exactly how many games are up for grabs during sales like that but if I remember correctly, there are a round 5-7 games up for grabs via the point system.

So some of you are wondering how the heck is this similar to what he is saying?

You buy a game, and certain amount of coins are given to you. See the similarity and difference?

Now no offense @PeteMcc but obviously this thing can be done with a few tweaking. In my opinion basing a 100coin:1dollar might be a bit to much especially on the off chance that maybe, just maybe, the game on sale is like $8 or more. Sadly I can’t really speak on this properly because I’m not an admin and I’m sure the admins will have their own way of computing stuff like this if this kind if system is implemented.

Also another thing that I want to mention is that I hope that if this kind of system IS implemented, I hope you guys don’t kill the daily coins thing. For people like me who are currently (well at the time of this post anyways), a student and have a really really shitty dollar exchange rage, well the coin system is the only “haven” we have (not saying we’re here for the coins alone but I’m sure some people are).

Thanks for your reply, look foward to seeing the progress update

Hi kenathomos,
i honestly don’t use GOG so i have not seen how their system is implemented, but similar systems are used on many websites.
No offense taken and i am not saying that 100 coins per dollar was what they should set it at, it was just an example. Again i am no marketing strategist or anything but i am sure if the guys here at chrono were to add something like that they would fine the right balance point (though tbh i think they are pricing the games that can be purchased by coins at too lower value atm -with the exception of brigador- considering the 14 day streak chest gave people around the 850-950 coin mark from what i have seen and 3 of the 5 games have been 1500 or less [please dont hurt me community for saying this :cold_sweat:]).
Also if that kind of system were to be implemented i think the last thing they would do (or in my opinion should do) is get rid or the coins a day system. Unlike sites like gog which just have all their library available to you all the time, this site has to get their potential buyer here on that particular day so that they can make the purchase, its time sensitive and that is why the coins just for visiting the site is an excellent strategy, this is the carrot at the end of the stick to get customers here more often.
My thoughts anyway, thanks for your comment, I think its an interesting conversation in hypotheticals.


Hey @PeteMcc, thanks again for sticking with us so long!

Wanted to give at least a short answer to a big question - how are we doing and what’s coming next.

The answer to how we’re doing is in a word: wonderful. We executed very well on our original plans and proved out the hypotheses that we built the platform upon. The reaction from our community (folks like you), dev and publisher partners, and influencer partners has been incredible.

The new Chrono Coins feature’s response has been absolutely unexpected, our traffic is through the roof and we’re working hard to make the system even more fully fleshed out (with additional ways to get coins for example).

The next big steps for us are to grow the team, start working with even more publishers (and some bigger names), and get more partners on our team to promote the awesome deals

Let me know if you have any specific questions!


Hey @EMCL, really love the site and community, admittedly i drifted away for a while only checking in occasionally but i am back in full force!

Thanks for the answer to the question as well, I really appreciate how all you guys are really active in the forums and community, it shows you really care.

And its great the site is doing so well, the coins seems to be a hit and i am glad its working out for you, couldn’t happen to better people.

Look forward to seeing what happens next, I wish you all the success in the world.