Coins not working?

It says that I have 0 Coins, and I can’t load the coin shop anymore

Can’t load the Coin Shop!? That’s weird. It’s loading for me - just State of Anarchy and some old Poop available right now.

Try pressing F5 (in your browser) to force reload the page. Try logging out and then in again and if that doesn’t work try clearing your browser cache.

After trying what @spudmuffin said, take screenshots so you can show Chrono there is a problem and email them at

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I signed out and now I can’t log in… it says processing
I tried on 3 different type of browsers on two separate computers and I still have the same issue

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i had issues logging in yesterday when i was browsing and i forgot i still had my vpn on when trying to access chrono, for some reason there was an expired security certification issue that only applied to whatever part of Canada Windscribe had assigned me to
once i realized i was still on vpn and i turned it off i could log back in as normal (i did clear my browser tho beforehand as standard)
maybe it’s something related to that
otherwise try chrono support at like @nebula7 suggested