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Coins for games...


So I’ll be on 61k coins after todays reload and have yet to use them for any games. I’ve paid cash for a couple but the coin games I either already have or I don’t want. Will there ever be a game ‘worthy’ of or ‘big’ enough to use 61k or more coins on?


We’ve had dead cells for 40k once, so it’s a possibility


Well that’s obviously a very subjective question and even if it wasn’t it requires clairvoyance to answer. None of us know what you even think is a good game. But if what you’re waiting for is big AAA titles, then that seems unlikely.

Although considering you already have some of them that should indicate that there have indeed been selections that would have appealed to you, you did after all already buy some of them.

Just stop buying games from here on out and eventually something you wanted might show up.


Yeah but… can’t use coins on games in the cash shop, or have I missed something!!!


nope, just for free games in the coin shop; there’s been lots of good games too though


I based my comment regarding you already owning some of them on this:


Wait, we did?


Indeed we did :stuck_out_tongue:




I’ve been on this community for a while and I still don’t understand how to make videos viewable in Chrono like others do.


Just paste the video youtube link on a single line … alone and you will be set.




I can’t believe that worked… :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s been some gems in there… but again it’s subjective

Mini Metro is a good puzzler, relaxing and fun

Hotline Miami was a great ‘twin stick’ style retro shooter

If you liked Dungeon Keeper from back in the day, then War for the Overworld would have tickled your pickle.

I don’t even like RTS games, but Rusted Warfare is pretty fun, I actually got it from the coin shop.

Heroes of Hammerwatch is a fun rogue-lite dungeon crawler.

Kathy Rain is an absolutely delightful point and click mystery game. Anther genre I’m not really hot on, but enjoyed this.


You missed Overfall :stuck_out_tongue:


Expensive games are unlikely to be offered for free but game doesnt need to be new or expensive to be good :slight_smile: