coins for coupon perhaps?

It seems some people arent happy with the free games on offer.

(If one must complain about free stuff at least put some actual effort into being a part of the community ie add an avatar drop a few likes here and there and most importantly dont let these complain about free stuff threads be the extent of the interaction you have with the site or you might come off like a common free loader)

The idea : Perhaps consider allowing people to buy 5-10-15% off coupons (towards the game of the day only - no stacking)
Obviously the math has to make sense but im thinking at least 10-15k for 5%.
I feel it could ultimately lead to more buy engagements - total revenue

Lets not act like we are moving mountains in exchange of these games
if One mouse click (sometimes 2) is enough for you to “this is time i will never get back!” perhaps ones priorities need sorting out.


I think offering other things for chrono coins would be a great idea, they could add things like forum emojis, chrono wallpapers, badges, discount coupons, entry in to prize draws, all sorts.


Every time there are complaints about the free games I cringe. It’s free. r/choosingbeggars


This is an interesting idea that should be possible. Especially since you mentioned it would only apply to the daily deal game of the day. Another function for coins isn’t a bad thing.

Don’t expect too much though. We don’t know what’s going on with this site after all.


Personally I think it’s not a viable idea because of the potential impact on profit for ever more…if I worked at Chrono the only way I could see this working would be by removing the coin shop altogether and replacing it with the coupon buy in. Personal coin banks would be capped at 50K coins, a voucher (2.5-5% discount depending on the game) would also cost 50k coins.

In this case most people would be losing out.


I agree with @xist. There’s just no good way to implement it from Chrono’s perspective. I do like @pulling3r’s idea of forum bling and some simple digital stuff, but that’s still work on Chrono’s part beyond what they already do. I think the coin shop is amazing as is, and I’m tired of hearing this every few weeks.


Also you would have to consider that people might be actively turned away from buying the daily deal simply because they don’t have enough coins to get a cupon for an extra discount.


It’s not free. It’s a promotional option. I don’t think it makes Chrono bad or anything, but the logic that you can’t say bad things about stuff given away for free is not a healthy opinion either. Although some people definitely take it way too personally and forget there are also people on the other side


Yeah. I think it’s just more there are too many of these kind of threads some which go on and on with countless pointless arguments (this one is kinda legit but some are not), maybe a permanent suggestion tab or collated thread would help or whatever.
I do think a lot of this kind of coupon thing was said before, the answer was that it wouldn’t be implementable. I think it’s fair to allow people to give suggestions and say if they aren’t happy so long as it isn’t some kind of attack on things etc. and a positive discussion.

I can see why with the recent games being dissapointing people feel that way but I also think there a peaks and troughs with these and at least the less good games (subjective maybe) are more affordable and more available.