(Coins) Buying same game multiple times.

I have the coins; Why can’t I spend them on the same game twice? I would like to buy another King Arthur game 2-pack since the game supports 4 player coop, but I can only get two. This is silly…


coin shop games are essentially free games
limiting coin shop purchase to 1x per user for each game alleviates some potential exploitation (which is also important since quantity of keys is limited)

i think it was explained in an old post somewhere by the mods, but can’t remember the link/where


It’s still kind of lame since I still have enough coins. It’s not like you can buy coins in china or whatever…


no, but it would be ripe for abuse, by say botters and so on
which means if there weren’t a limit, “a” user, could just buyout an entire lot of games, (without any legit users that wanted it get a chance to get them), and then just resell or redistribute them elsewhere… -which is ofc not the intended use of the free games
so the 1x purchase per user, helps with a few potential issues just on its own

you can always try trade for a copy
plenty of users have asked, and successfully “swapped” both coin shop games, and other spare games for coinshop offers
so if your friend don’t have their own account/enough coins, you can always ask other users if someone is willing to help get you that second purchase


I sort of think of it as being an equal (sort of equal) opportunity set up, where nobody can buy up all of the games at once. What if someone wanting a 6000 coin game has 5500 and needs a few more days and bonus chests to get there, but someone else with 30k coins buy up the last 5 copies? Since you are essentially getting the game for free, you should just enjoy your copy with your hard-earned Chrono Coins. If you want extra copies to give away, you can request for trades, as @Gnuffi has suggested, or you can purchase the game with real-life coinage. Since most of these games in the coin shop are not going to bankrupt anyone, it does not seem unreasonable to continue supporting the Devs of the games that you want so many copies of.


Let others get a chance in


I’m sure if you offer a spare of other game, someone will trade it with you, so long as it’s fair.


I don’t know if I want to support them or not since I have not played the game. I just bought it when I saw that It had coop since I meet up with my bros once in a while for some good old fashioned LAN action, and thought the game fit the bill.

The site does have a bot checker. I don’t know how effective those are but if they were complete shit then no one would use them. I still think that It’s kind of shitty not to be able to spend my coins the way I see fit. I mean I EARNED those fuckers, and chrono.gg most definitely got their cut. It’s bullshit that I have to save my coins for some hypothetical future game that I would like to spend them on instead to using them to buy what I would like.

I don’t want to spend my time swapping games. I’ll by the copies and save myself the hassle.


I think the bottom line is that it is basically a free game that you are getting from the site. I do not think the coins are very hard-earned at all, you basically visit the site any day you wish and click on a button, and the coins go automatically to your wallet. I think the idea is to expose people who might otherwise not spend the real money to buy these games. It’s good for the playing community, and it’s good for the developers who get a bit more traffic. Having a rule that indicates you can buy one copy is intended, once again, to allow everyone here opportunities to get it if they have enough coins, to get the experience of the game. I think you can get a pretty good idea from getting the 1-pack since it is already 2 keys, and you can try out the coop play with one other player first. Is that really so unreasonable?


You have my vote if you decide to go for president! @YQMaoski :smile: Seriously though - summed perfectly what I think and how I feel about the matter … I would have butchered it with my english anyway.

Everyone should be able to get a chance to grab the game considering sometimes you need to pray it doesn’t get bought out before you manage to acquire the coins. @YQMaoski already mentioned this in a previous post. Most of the games are pretty good and it will be kinda BS if few guys that haven’t spent any coins and are able to buy almost all copies when a really good game gets added - not leaving a chance for everyone tuning a bit later.

If you ask me a steam linking to account is kinda required too… reselling free keys is one of the lowest forms of insolence. Just introduce your friends to Chrono so they can actually deserve the free games and even snag a great discounted daily deal, which is the main idea, so ppl can continue to have nice things :slight_smile:


You called the Chrono Coins hard earned yourself:

Well no shit. This is why I said that chrono.gg got their cut. I buy games from the site regularly.

No it’s not unreasonable, just annoying. I don’t care about reselling keys. I prove I am not a bot every time I buy something on this site (which includes spending coins? I’m not sure.). All I wanted was to spend my coins on one additional purchase, since I can afford it.

As I stated above, I’m am buying this game in the hope that is provides a few hours of entertainment at the next LAN party, not because I want to support the developer of the game. I don’t even know who the developers are.

As for giving everyone a fair shot at getting these free games: The site is not set up like that at all. It’s first come, first served. If not why even list the games that are sold out? It’s to get people to spend the coins by playing on the “limited quantity” sales pitch (“You have to buy it now or it’s gone! Hype hype”).

I plan to have this game up my sleeve for 4-player coop. The games trailer showcases 4-player coop as a main feature. That I can’t buy 4 copies is retarded. So is going out of my way to barter or buy two copies through steam. The steam page doesn’t even offer a two-pack, it’s either a 4-pack or single purchase.

Is it really so hard to understand that I’m annoyed at this?


@YQMaoski, you can borrow this…

BBT-Sheldon-Throwing Papers-Give Up


You can, just not with coins. And that’s what the devs are counting on. Chrono creates interest in games, but does not completely satisfy demand because you can only get one copy and the number of copies provided here is limited. The idea is that people who are unable to get a copy of the game (or enough copies, as in your case) are now at least aware of the game, and are thus more likely to purchase the game or to at least talk about it.

If the system satisfied all the demand it created, it would not be a very beneficial system for the devs, who get less profit from keys given out on Chrono.

You’re expecting too much from a low-effort way to get games and forgetting that this system doesn’t exist to benefit only us players.


Seems both those options would have been less effort than what you are putting into this post :neutral_face:


Hey, I’m not here trying to get additional copies of the game, I’m just bitching about not being able to use my coins.


I realise that, something tells me that even if someone were to gift you the other two copies you’d still be unhappy and whinging.


Yes. I don’t want them gifted to me. I want to buy them. If you can’t see how it’s annoying then that’s on you.


Then buy them.

You’re one of those cut your nose off to spite your face people aren’t you.

And no, I don’t think it’s annoying, doesn’t even remotely register on the annoying scale.


I was being rather sarcastic in saying “hard-earned,” sorry for the confusion.

I came across the site rather late, so I could only look at the older ones and wish I had gotten here sooner to get a couple of the games that I would not mind having. Nonetheless, if serves to inform people like me of what I had previously missed and keeps redirecting my attention to the site regularly to see if there are other good ones showing up.

I understand your perspective and I can see why you want to get a separate purchase for a total of four keys. This is completely reasonable. But there is no need to get so aggressive at the folks here and the admins here at chrono.gg because we are here all to have a good time, and sometimes, an argument or two. Perhaps it would have been better to set it as a 4-pack available in the Coin Shop so that some people can get 4 keys at once, but then, a lot more people who went to buy it may not get the chance because they may not have enough coins. Then the thing would sit a long time in the coin shop and I am sure enough people would get them eventually. There were folks willing to trade their extra keys for other games, so this was a fairly reasonable get around, and seemed to work well for people.

However, we do know that the Coin Shop games are obtained directly through the developers and everyone benefits, the developers, chrono.gg, us as the fortunate players who can obtain some games for free, our ISP for charging extra for increased internet usage. The only people suffering from this are our significant others who helplessly watch us start yet another game without hint of stopping, our pets that are rubbing up against our legs endlessly for hours waiting for petting or feeding, but get ignored due to video games, etc.

I don’t know either, but that’s the point, they provide some keys so that they have have a wider audience, increased foot traffic, whatever. If they get big enough, then everyone would know who they are. Blizzard is widely known, as is Naughty Dog, because they had enough players their popular games. I think it’s every game developer’s dream to gain such a large foothold in the industry. So I also think it is proper for them to find ways to spread their product. Maybe the decision to do 2 copies is just so that you can have two copies to play and then tell your two other friends who may wish to play too, and they might decide to buy the game through real money instead. If there are not enough real game purchases, then the game company may not have enough funds to move forward and make the next best thing. I remember a game I game away not too long ago on here that was in the Coin Shop, I did not grab a key from the shop, instead, I bought the game with real money and gave it away, trying to help everyone out, since it was a good game and there was demand for it.

Thanks @delenn13. :slight_smile:

Too bad I wasn’t born in the US, that particular office is not available to me. However, given the state of things, it is also not a mess into which I dare tread. Thanks for the support, @onLooSe. :slight_smile:

I was typing quite a bit already when I saw this, so of course I am reiterating what you had already mentioned @eishiya.

I would like to think that, @nebula7, that the continuation of the effort is to further the debate, purely as an intellectual endeavor.

Buy, trade, etc, they are definitely all good options, and not being gifted.

At the end of the day, I do hope that you get enough copies to be able to have your LAN party and actually enjoy the game. I am sure that is what everyone wants as well. You can certainly start telling all of your gaming friends about chrono.gg and get them to sign up so that they can start accumulating their own Coins and you will not run into this problem in the future when another game of similar interest to you appear. Again, we are gathered here to chat with some people who would never otherwise have been in our lives, and to have a good time. :slight_smile: :beers:


How am I aggressive? I just voicing my opinion. I think any perceived aggression from me towards any of the people here is you attributing it to me. Sure, I speak my mind, and I do so bluntly, but that does not mean I’m aggressive, it just means that I am not soft spoken.

Anyway I’ve gotten my point across. :slightly_smiling_face::beers: