Coin shop vids not working over Chrome

Does anyone else have this problem?
I tried in Guest mode (w/o addons or anything) and same result, if it wasn’t someone from the community mentioning the insurgency animation being awesome I’d think it was removed, but I went on Firefox and I see vids working there fine, how come?


I was not aware there were supposed to be videos. Just see the logo fade away to what I assumed was a screenshot when mouse hovers over.

So I’m not alone, yes that’s what happens on Chrome, on Firefox there’s ~5second vid/gif when you point over a game

For the Half-Life 3 April fools joke they had someone fk around with gman in garry’s mod if I remember correctly, I was on Firefox at that time

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@dusty hey bb


*always used Firefox,
-never even knew the issue existed :smile_cat:
(# :heart:FoxOnFireZilla)

Yes. I noticed this too, since switching from Firefox to Chrome, but it didn’t bother me enough to post about it.

I love(d) Firefox but I could no longer get it to update automatically. When I manually tried to update, it wouldn’t restart and apply the update (had to use task manager to kill the program). Eventually I gave up and switched back to Chrome.


It’s on my list of things to fix :sweat:


I also used Firefox, but Chrome saves my passwords to my Google acc, themes and bookmarks also so when I reinstall Chrome or get it on Android I have all my stuff on the minute, Firefox ain’t bad and probably has the same feature/s but I’m too lazy to search and set them up, in Chrome all I had to do was log-in to Google ;p

Thanks mod