Coin Shop Timer?

I can never seem to remember when the last time new games were posted in the coin shop. Since we’ve got a timer of sorts on the front page that tells us how much longer a daily deal is going for, could we get a similar thing in the coin shop?


@ChildishGiant made a countdown timer, feel free to use it:


That’s a great idea! I hope something like that gets implemented.


Dude… that’s freaking AMAZING! Maybe a little r/ChoosingBeggars, but I do wish that it was on the actual page, but this will be quite useful.

That said, I could’ve sworn that games refreshed on Mondays, not Fridays…


Would have missed a lot of games this way… :smiley:

Some games last a whole hour or not even at times due to high demand.


I think this .gif sums up current situation with good games in coin shop best.


To be honest, I have an alarm going off at the exact hour every Friday from my work computer. Whatever it is I am doing, the alarm sounds, I go to the Chrono coin shop page and keep the tab open, just so that I wouldn’t miss anything. Well, I check to make sure it’s not the opposite week first, anyway. But the Windows alarm system only allows for repeats weekly, not biweekly…

Of course some times the games are delayed by 10-15 minutes, but I see the tab and I click on it to refresh about once every couple of minutes… I come to the forums and whine about if there’s nothing there after about 10 minutes… :rofl: