Coin shop reset

Possibly once a week it can change all the games it has to offer randomly instead of having games hanging around since the introduction of the program.

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guessing you’re not satisfied with 2 new games every 2 weeks ("="1 game a week) :wink:

to put this in perspective, (not that i would mind if chrono did this, could be kinda awesome pulling the rug under people like that), but,
-currently 10games, assuming 2 sell out this week, this mean Chrono would somehow have to come up with and replace 8 games, at once, in 1 week, vs the 2games every 14days… :grimacing:
you see how challenging/hard/stressful that could be? :scream:, not to even mention potentially expensive?, depending on how some of these freebies are acquired… :sweat:
just saying… might be something to consider when putting forth such requests/ideas :smile:
(tho the “shakeup” part does sound sorta fun lol)

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it easy if they have come this far