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Coin Shop - NEW!



I think they just added new ones as well


We just jumped the gun a little ya know.


I’d really appreciate if something was done about this. It’s bothering me and my partner quite a bit.


does the ‘new’ thing mean anything?
when i checked on Friday it did not say new but today i noticed it but the games were added around 54 hours ago

its not a big issue i was just wondering what the purpose was for this feature


that just means u checked Friday before the games were added, i imagine


It’s onomatopoeia…the sound the coin shop makes just to remind you it’s there.


nonono the new games were there just the blue little letters were missing from above the top right corner of the coin shop

@xist :open_mouth: what a word


New games added every 2 weeks? I’ve been seeing the same selection there for over 3 weeks. 2 new games were added (older games) and the keys sold out fast, with the remaining Indie games which nobody really wants. They’re not exactly fighting over each other to use coins for The Office Quest here in my apt building, and after 4 weeks, Minion Masters Special Chrono Pack seems like the least popular add-on one could invest in.

Not sure if anyone actually reads these, but new games every two weeks should really flush out the previous two weeks selection since mathematically it’s going to take over a year for Minion Masters Special Chrono Pack to sell out and then be removed to free up a space for a new game people might actually want.

I mean it was fun at first to visit the site every day while seeing the low quality selection of keys available and I already own most of the daily deals through packs sold on Humble Bundle.

Blackguards and Beholder, hmm? That’s what I just waited 2 weeks for, clicking every day for coins for games I own and never played because they were stinkers.

Seriously, flush the old games after 2 weeks. All of them.


can’t wait to visit yr online game store where everything will be so much better, and cant wait for all the great games I’ll be getting for free there



This seems like it should be in its own separate thread, yeah?


yea, because lets not let people that don’t have enough coins at friday release ever get a chance to get them, but instead let the continued limited amount of keys be a constant hurdle newcomers or non hoarders or even X timezone occupants will even less likely be able to overcome :clap:
this has got to be the most helpful, thought-out and considerate suggestion i’ve read so far on the forum regarding coinshop. Truly hope the chrono staff take such exquisite gold nugget to heart and completely disregard every other person that wanted one of the games :trophy: :+1:


Mathematically, there isn’t enough time to generate even half the number of coins needed in 2 weeks for one of the games which claim to be free, but aren’t due to having to click for coins every 24 hours and see an advertisement. Free is more simple than that and doesn’t require ads. We all love having our browsing interrupted due to ads, don’t we?

Not sure what x time zone is about but it would just be nice to see a larger selection of games to use your coins on. I get that some have a smaller library of games, perhaps the site owners are catering more to those folks? I’ve seen 1 or 2 games previously listed for 40,000 coins, higher quality titles of course but I already owned one of them.

I’m new to the community area, wasn’t sure how to create a new topic using my tablet.


What ad? Do you mean the main page itself or are you seeing popup ads or something?

They are free though. I mean, the more free games is better, obviously, for us as the consumer. However, what’s your expectation on the slider of <— More free games -------------- Quality free games —> ? Would you rather see more games like Dead Cells, but a lot less of them or maybe a lot more lower-budget titles like Poop in Your Soup?

No problem, click the + or the + New Topic button on the top-right.


Yes, he means the frikkin daily deal. This dude is complaining that it isn’t free cuz he has to ‘click’ every day and undergo the torture that seeing the daily deal is, comparing it to intrusive ads. WTF OMG why do u even do it to yourself then? Are you the type of person who keeps running face-first into a brick wall on purpose and then presses charges against the home owner the wall belongs too once u have a bloody nose?

Dude, welcome to the community. It’s always nice to see new faces, and it is a great and welcoming community (I know I’m not that welcoming, but just ignore me).

That being said, get real, will ya?


I hate going grocery shopping whole building with shelf after shelf just bursting with ads!


What I hate even more than that is all those ads staring me in the face in my own frikkin kitchen!


Hostility and mockery vs kindness, understanding, and patience. Let’s me know what kind of defense system has taken root here. I guess no one saw the positive in my first post nor generated any ideas from it.

A larger selection of games and better quality games, it’s all I would ask for. No need to get hostile or show traits of mental illness because someone else has a different opinion or view.


Is equal to >

out of the sudden. You kinda devalued everything you could have possibly meant by saying that unique Daily Game Deal is an “AD”. Some of those ADs sell games way cheaper they have ever been before or even 'cuz of the USD instead of EU currency for Europeans.

New games are not related to the number of the unclaimed games that are still up in the coin shop. TBH a lot of people are in my boat where they wait for something to get nearly sold out before getting it, being in doubt that they will be able to spent their coins “better” with the 2 week release of 2 new games the next time. I’m not gonna be unhappy with Impulsion, nor the Minion Masters Pack, but I better save my coins and check what’s up to come as long as they are still available. I’ve got about 30 free games from the coin shop so far and all of the ones I’ve played were pretty great. Actually I would have never known they existed if it wasn’t for those

You kinda got what you deserved when you can’t even comprehend looking at the big picture in general. It’s really hard to sell liquid brain those days. I’m stubborn as well for some things, but I always ensure I thought through what I’m evaluating before I speak my mind openly. If proven wrong I appreciate the new knowledge and move on. Just my two cents.


I think everyone would like that, but that has to be backed in reality as well. There’s only so much a place can just give away high quality free games for nothing. Wouldn’t you agree?

I think this has also just been discussed a lot in already existing topics so I don’t think this one needed to be hijacked to discuss it. I suggest reading through those and if you have some ideas after that, please feel free to share!


what else would one expect from a mad cow? Doesn’t the picture say it all? I’ve been trying to take the pills they give me, but what can I do? I just can’t stand the frikkin ads on the box!

and i did mean what i said here btw:

so what u do with that is yr choice