Coin Shop "NEW" Notification

It would be kind of amazing if the “NEW” above the “Coin Shop” tab would only show up 24 or 48 hours after there really was a new release in the coin shop as a notification that there are new games. It would be even better if it only showed up until you clicked on the shop and the “NEW” could disappear then.


I’d like to see browser push notifications. :grinning:


I’ve been wondering about this too, I keep checking to see whats new…even though I also know it should be Friday night/Saturday Morning for me that it should change



I assume your games are listed as Date Added as default, so you can look pretty quickly at what the latest addition(s) may be.

If you think you may have missed out on something that got posted and sold out right away, then you can go to the Account Profile/Coins Page to look at the list of latest additions:

As you can see, this shows up below your spin counter and above the Transaction History for coins.

This shows the last 4 games added to the coin shop regardless of whether they have been sold out or not. You can purchase coin shop games from this list too, of course it is just not a complete list. If a game is sold out, you will not have the option to do so, of course. But it will remain on this list until it gets pushed out by newer games.

I hope that helps a little, for someone at least…

Wait a second, this doesn’t seem right… :rofl: :thinking::thinking::rofl:

I have no idea why Golf it! isn’t showing up as one of the latest additions, I am pretty sure it was the last one added last week on Thursday…

@lonin, maybe you can help edumacate us?


This is the planned functionality for the badge that we’ll be adding in the future :slight_smile:

This may or may not be close to being tested.

We’ll take a look at that. I don’t believe we carried over the sorting stuff to the coin page so that probably needs some adjusting :smiley:


Whoaaaa! It`s already working for me. Today the “NEW” above the coin shop disappeared when I clicked on the shop. That is really great!


Well look at that… hmn, now it kind of feels like something’s missing though. :smile: