Coin Shop new date/timer?

It is really difficult to know when a new game is going to come up on the store. “Two weeks” is cool, I don’t mind the wait, but a countdown timer or “Every two weeks on _____day” would be helpful. Sometimes games go really quick and I didn’t even know they were there.

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has been mentioned before, and addressed by the chrono staff in (several) other/older posts
-it will happen when it happens, if/when chrono decides an exact timer is going to happen
(some reasons why a precise timer wouldn’t necessarily be a 100% good thing were mentioned too)

if you click the “search” feature, and, funnily enough, type in coin shop timer, you might find the topics…


As Gnuffi has said this feature has been a long time coming! Happy to finally report that this will be added in the near future though.


I have been using the site for ~40 days
When I realized I had 2000 points I started to browse the store. Only 8 games I already had in the store. I haven’t seen any games available since for me to get. I been saving points.


i can guarantee you that the shop games have been updated, several times, during those ~40 days,
-every 2nd friday in fact
(the long list of sold out games in the coin shop should have been a hint)

what happens sometimes is simply the new games added sell out extremely fast (limited key quantity remember), and this time i think Mini Metro was completely gone in an hour (everyone really seemed like they wanted that game) and Action Henk were gone quicker than other games too… that’s just how it is in the shop
several ways exist to stay advised about when new coin shop games released
-knowing it’s every other friday “around” deal reset time helps too ofc…


Ah… That would explain it, I would check 1 time per day, so if keys sell out in an hour, I can understand that. Thanks for clarifying it. I will check more often.


subscribe to their twitter or rss feed or email, then you get a notification when new games are added to the shop
and should you “miss” those, rule of thumb:
every 2nd friday, approximately/shortly after daily deal has changed
(“exact” time varies, can be 30mins or 1-2 hours, but usually around that time)
-last time was March 9th, so 2weeks from that, ie next week on Friday the 23rd should be the next batch, and then 14 days from that and so on…


We can all assure you that the games have been coming every 2 weeks, if you are unsure about the timing, we used to keep track of it regularly here:

For the last two updates, @lonin has kept us on track with new threads each time:


So based on that, if you check back some time about a week from now, there should be new games on 3/23/2018. Some of the more popular games may go quickly, and we know that the site admins are working on perhaps changing the system due to many people voicing their inability to get games due to time zone differences within these two above mentioned threads…

Good luck next week!

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to use your coins in the future, I am sure.


Not an hour, but definitely no more than 5-6 hours. I remember checking the site multiple times that day over a 10 hour period, and the game was up for around half of the times I checked. I never got it since I wasn’t interested, but I did grab a copy of Action Henk at ~90%.


Minimetro was definitely not up for 5 hours, it was barely up for one for sure (action henk was tho) -it was gone so fast i think @coralinecastell decited to try and count it
-tho it still wasn’t the fastest

most of that day’s release’s posts talks about minimetro and it selling out super quick, too quick even for some


I wonder what the fastest was… MiniMetro was gone when I checked, I think it was about 2 hours after the new deal for the day. But keep in mind that the coin shop games usually update a little while after the daily deal, and not right on the hour… so it’s going to always be a mystery! :slight_smile::thinking:

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We can be almost 100% sure.

Like such:

Let’s check out when the games got in by checking the time of announcement:

:point_up_2: Check out our good boye @lonin anouncing the arrivals. 2:18 PM BRST. :point_up_2:

Alright. Then let’s check the first rage attack due to it being sold out:

:point_up_2: Check out another one of our good boyes @DanosaurJr declaring the keys are gone (:frowning:) – rage-attack free! 3:10 PM BRST :point_up_2:

So, let’s suppose the announcement came in 10 minutes late. Let’s also suppose Dano was a tad bit late with letting us know it ran out; he too was 10 minutes late - both circumstances which I doubt.

That means Mini Metro would have gone on sale roughly at 2:08 PM BRST, and sold out at 3:00 PM.

That gives a sold out time of – you guess it, you math ninja you – 68 minutes. :butterfly:


Your timeline is pretty spot on.

12:18 PM EST Mini Metro released.
12:43 PM EST 72% claimed.
1:10 PM EST Sold out.

I posted that message within a minute of it selling out. The game was gone in under an hour.


:wink: I know. That’s why you’re a good boye and not a rabid dog on the loose :joy:

That settles it then, folks.

Sherlock and Watson are out. Another case closed.


nods, high-fives @DanosaurJr and walks out the door


You caught that quickly :joy: I deleted in less than a minute after rereading your post (it doesn’t even show up as an edit).

I initially thought were saying I had a rage attack because you wrote: “let’s check the first rage attack due to it being sold out:” then linked directly to my post.

My mistake :blush: :heart: (need to stop reading so fast).

Nice work Sherlock… or are you Watson?


I do the same thing alllll the time! Don’t worry. All’s well when it ends well. :yellow_heart:

It is of little consequence. The most important thing is that we solved a fine case, as a team. People will see it whichever way they see fit – including those foolish wannabe-detectives from Scotland Yard. :dancing_men:

“What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet

(you won’t believe how long it took me to find the dancing men emoji hahahah :joy:)


Wow so it really was sold out that fast. Must have been a severe case of lag on my pc’s part that showed me a cached image of the game still being available.


In the meantime, we have this if it helps. Although, yes, it would be nicer if something even better was on the site itself :slight_smile:


don’t u mean 52 min?


dude wtf yeah. ahahaha I wrote that before adding in my margin of error and forgot to edit! sorry, guys :slight_smile:

but in any case @DanosaurJr’s prediction is the most correct one: