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Coin-shop needs games


Part of my daily routine i claim my coins and check if there are new games. And for the last weeks i never seen a new game added.

Does someone know if its still worth to collect coins? i got around 20k atm.

I live in europe, maby i miss the new games if they release in the middle of the night, but they are not sold out in 10 mins right?


This feels like a joke topic…this is a joke topic, right? Because this has to win the prize for the closest request to game release that we’ve had.

Give or take 120 minutes your wish will come true.


Could show the poor forced some love, it has always dreamed of being sold out just like all the other cool coin games


It’s not a joke dude, look, last Friday, we didn’t get any new games, and now it’s Friday, and I’m not seeing any new games either, so maybe they’re right?

look, this guy fancies himself a fortune-teller, next thing u know he’s gonna start advertising his phone number for horoscope readings too



disclaimer: it’s not real


This is the 3rd topic of this kind in under 2 weeks, while complaints about the number of games available in the shop has happened every now and again before, they’ve never rained this closely and contained such similar and simply incorrect assertions before.

Games are still added every 2 weeks, they have been every 2 weeks since the shop’s inception, it has never changed.


no they haven’t, which is why these topics are being created; i intend to create one right after new games are added btw, just saying :wink:

haven’t u heard that Epic Games just pretends to offer free games just to create internet traffic their way and increase sales???

doesn’t that prove Earth is flat!!!

do u rly think it’s a coincidence Chrono uses a (FLAT) coin as their symbol?!?!?!?!?!


I almost posted the White House’s telephone numbers but suddenly thought better of it…




fake news

u know what the real joke is; i just made a topic like this, and while making it, the forum showed me several similar topics AND also showed me several of the threads which Lonin makes every time they put new games in the shop, so go figure…


Maybe people just having wrap sense of time and thinking it already been way past 2 week when it actually only just been 2 weeks, by having to much fun in life, they do say time fly when your having fun :wink:


Games just got added lol
My problem is not having enough coins, not too many loool. And living in europe shouldnt really be a disadvantage as such.
Yeah I don’t get why people keep starting topics like this when they can just talk in the existing topic. XP personally i would merge them or something


nah man, this topic is way too popular to discuss in a single thread, which is why ppl keep creating new ones, we can never have enough threads about this…


Ha well I guess keep on talking then loool XP