Coin Shop Is Over?

Hey do you guys plan on ever adding more games to the coin shop? Brigador, Reigns, One Finger Death Punch, Hammerwatch, and The Bug Butcher were all interesting looking games but I missed them, and I can’t believe you haven’t added any games at all to the coin shop since Bug Butcher–not even one. Anyways, my coins are getting way up there, I hope you guys didn’t abandon the coin shop! It started off so strong!

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We’ve added quite a few games since The Bug Butcher:

Mini Thief
Crown Champion: Legends of the Arena
Super Trench Attack!
Western 1849 Reloaded
JumpJet Rex
Verdict Guilty
Project Starship
Dead in Bermuda
A Blind Legend

Are you not seeing those in the shop?


Those are just flash and mobile apps, and not games though =(

It’s so easy for me to sound ungrateful of this arrangement, but we’re all visiting your site daily, generating traffic for your site (you’re reaping all the benefit). It makes sure we see your daily deal, and sometimes we buy them. This is how the coin shop makes you money. But when there’s zero quality control, the incentive is lost and not only does the arrangement fail, it becomes detrimental to your purposes. The day (which is coming soon) where I realize I’m never going to get another chance to spend my coins, is the day I’ll not be exposed to your daily deal any longer. When I don’t see your daily deal anymore, I can’t give you my money because I don’t know that you have a product I want.

And consider this. In the months I’ve been collecting coins, I’ve spent money with you on deals I didn’t know about until I came here to get my coins.

A little quality control would go a very long way. I’m not at all being unreasonable nor ungrateful, and I only say that for the support Nazis who will come in here and link me to the countless similar threads that just don’t touch this topic the way I do. I’m not asking for Half Life 3. I’m asking for quality on par with the games this started out on.

And yes, I realize this is all subjective. But to anyone reading this, if you list off a bunch of games from the coin shop that you think are amazing, I’m going to start paraphrasing Steam reviews that point out just how unreasonable you people get.

Edit: Just wanted to add. At 27k. That makes me frown.
Edit2: So you don’t get discouraged, let me just give you this:

When you’re a Steam gamer, there are only a handful of sites you go to (many people on a daily basis!) I’ll even rank them, since this is the order you should be visiting them at!

  1. - Check the daily, get your coins, check the shop. (Yes, this is really where you go first!)
  2. EpicBundle - Check for freebies on other sites. Check promotions and event sales on other sites.
  3. IsThereAnyDeal - For those with a fine tailored wishlist. You check to see if anything you want is discounted to your predefined parameters. It will even e-mail you.
  4. BundleStars - But only if you saw something from them on EpicBundle.

You will notice specifically IndieGala (for example) is not on this list. This is because IndieGala is not where you go to get games you would enjoy. IndieGala, as there is zero quality control (to its nature, they don’t have to implement it,) is mainly about supporting the indie gaming scene. This is not IndieGala. This is a legitimate money-maker.

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Totally understand where you’re coming from, although I’d disagree about the quality. :wink:

That being said, we are working on getting some bigger games (with higher price points) in the shop to let you spend those coins a bit faster.


Thank you for hearing me out, and I can’t wait to see what you have planned. I love this site, I really do. I read everything you guys have to say on the dailies, and it gets laughs and smiles out of me. Best of luck.

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Those are just flash and mobile apps, and not games though =(

I wouldn’t say that Insurgency, Western 1849 Reloaded or most games on that list were “mobile apps” or “flash games”. Sure, there are some, but just because you didn’t like any of them, you shouldn’t talk for the whole community as if we didn’t enjoy a single game from the shop lately.

The thing with free games is that you have to wait to get ones that are for you. But since you are not required to spend any money to get them, and it just takes about 10-20 seconds daily, it’s not like you are doing an incredible feat and getting no reward.


I honestly thought this was the point. :stuck_out_tongue:

IsaacHD But, but, I love some of those games…

I also get where you are coming from, however, I also disagree about the quality.



Well welcome to the community @cbd1203, nice of you to come in here and associate some of us with Hitler and some of the worst atrocities known to humankind. To be straight I find your comments inflammatory and quite over exaggerated. To start by calling your thread “Coin Shop is Over?” despite the fact you know its not is bad enough, but then to follow it with

knowing items have been added and then following it with

is just silly really, games are games be them flash, mobile or otherwise and really that is quite insulting toward the developers of these games.
As for this

I assume this means you have been lurking around the forums and if you have you would notice that some of those others threads have bought up very similar points, your view is not bringing anything new to the table.

To be honest with this I don’t really understand what you are getting at here, no matter what game you look at people are going to write bad reviews about it, I mean you could look up a game like half life 2 and there will be bad reviews, as you say

I appreciate you sharing your opinion and while I don’t necessarily agree with it I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

Again welcome to the community!


I didn’t read this past a few lines as I could tell where it was going. No one was really talking to you at all beyond the first person to respond. You just wasted a lot of time and have just solidified my beliefs of what this experience would be. You’re a lemming.

I am not the one to usually does it anymore as I have kind of got sick of this sort of thread as they come again and again (maybe i should have taken the same stand on your post as you did with mine), but you knew how people would respond especially with the way you worded things. I feel I may have started off a bit strong but if you read on I definitely got a little less rough with my wording and bought up some good counterpoint , so maybe try reading the rest if you feel inclined. But genuinely I hope you do hang around and didn’t just come in to post this thread, we always have some interesting stuff going on in the forums.

EDIT: You know what, you are not talking to me and that’s fine. I’ll delete my comment, I am done with this kinda thing. You’re certainly not going to entertain the thought of even having a measured conversation about these sort of things so there is no point.


Could we keep it chill please? I like coming to these forums because generally they’re non-toxic.

p.s @PeteMcc I don’t think you should have deleted your post, it added to the discussion


Well people can read it if they want to for the next 24 hrs. I just figure what is the conversation we are going to have here after this.
is it?

  • Is the coin shop supposedly going because of the games on there?

  • Do we agree on the opinion of @cbd1203 or do we feel his statements are over exaggurated?

  • Is Insugency a mobile game?

  • All of the above?

and to be honest right now for me the answer is I don’t care, so hence the deletion.

EDIT again: You know what, I will undelete my message, I feel its unfair to leave @cbd1203 's message hanging there with no context, people can formulate their own opinions about the conversation.


It’s best not to get too stressed over these things. Just sit back, relax, and let @Gnuffi argue it out.


I can see he is replying, I usually leave it to him now



you know what, initially i decided i wouldn’t engage in this drive as it’s getting tedious

and then i got curious (you see, sometimes i like learning a little bit of extra useless info),
-just how “bad” had “quality control” gotten?
and i’m gonna assume as a proper netizen edgelorder you would ofc never afford us with the necessary facts to cement such statement as a valid claim
and i figured, even if i couldn’t ascertain the “fact” in a quick 5min search, at least it might reveal enough about the “low par quality” releases recently, to make us Nazis bow down in shame

so of 14 games, “unworthy” of spending coins on

  • i found 5 which were available on android (which doesn’t make them all bad or trash games at all mind you ofc)
  • i found 1 that was a “maybe”, since it was difficult to determine what was going on with it
  • and for “flash” games (assuming you mean browser played, or you just arrogant enough to ditch on Flash as a whole?), i found 1, as a demo,
  • and again, the 1 that might be/have been a maybe, seemed hard to to figure out without further time/digging, since seems got removed after finally getting steam greenlit

so not even bloody half of the games live up to your “degrading statement of disappointment”
(and that’s before we even go into the whole bs “subjective” argument, considering most of these games have “subjectively” mostly positive reviews. And negatives can be found about anything since no game in history has 100% positive reviews, -another bs argument)

without wanting to engage too much or further, i’d just be interested to learn if your data was any different from mine?, so to be able to actually back your banal disgruntled statement up?
(i’m always happy to learn new things -especially since i didn’t bother to search for more than 5mins)

and so i think my “enthusiasm” for this “coin shop value” subject comes to a staggering halt once and for all,
and my engagement in this topic fades, as i’m now off to take a cleansing bath from this drivel of millennial entitlement goo.
I think i’m just gonna skip over you on the forum from now on, -having made your position and rationale ever so clear


Closing the topic since it can only spiral downward from here. Suffice to say, we welcome criticism, and I’d love to get even bigger and better games in the coin shop too! That being said, we stand by our picks thus far (even Poop Soup!) and hope people stick with it. :slight_smile: