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Coin Button?


Hello, since the day before yesterday I can’t find the Daily coin to get points, what happened?


It got tired so we sent it off to live on a farm where it can be happy and free.
We have other buttons though, one of which allows you to search for information you might desire. It looks a bit like a dejected duck, make it happy by using it.


The sendoff has been going on for over a month…It CLOSED yesterday




It was rabid so we had to take it out back and…

(Old Yeller Sad Music)



Look at the flowers Chrono.GG coin…


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For you to insult me, I must first value your opinion.


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then just take a hike, will ya?

It was announced for a very long time the coin thing and coin shop were going away; there’s also plenty of threads on this here forum about that, which you could easily have found had you taken a minute to look for it, so Fraggles was perfectly entitled to explain that to you the way he did

you, however, immediately resorted to insults, which says a lot more about you than it does about anyone else

if all that ever mattered to you was the free stuff, then you, as a site visitor, didn’t make any sense to the site to begin with, so it’s good they rectified that by doing what they did

this is a store, not charity


Here’s a tough one… Now that the coins Are gone, What reason Is for us to Stick around anymore? daily “deal” certainly hasnt been that for years… for godsake last decent deal was when TB was still Commentator for starcraft


Who are ‘us’ ? ‘US’ stay here for Daily Deal which sometimes is , sometimes isint all time low , but it’s always a decent sale. ‘US’ also stay for the community , bunch of lovely people are hanging out around here.

What is the reason for YOU to stay? Judging from your whining , none.


mic drop!


Get lost; shame on you for insulting TB when they can’t defend themselves…


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