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Code didn't work


The code didn’t work, i got today 2NQFU-CKER1-OB3RH feel free to try it,if any one wants.I posited a code of RIP trilogy,the 3rd game is really good.I hope someone who enjoys such rpg-ish tower defence-ish games will get it.


Hey mate,
Welcome to the forums. The game hole just kind of spits out random stuff that was put in it however long ago. So while there’s some good stuff hidden in there, there’s also useless stuff.

Basically there’s real and fake codes mixed and there’s unfortunately no way to tell which, sorry.


I mean in this case if you look closely at the sequence of letters i think that someone put some random and not so random letters/numbers in the hole and it was recognized as a potentially valid key, that or it is one really big coincidence that that is a code.


wow, didn’t even notice that to begin with. Okay yeah so there are some ways you can tell when it’s a fake code :sweat_smile:


Who would do that?


Someone who earned my respect for their dedication to troll. Truly a master of their craft.


wouldn’t 2IQFUCKER1 been better though?