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[Closed] Underhero



Trade complete!
Thanks FrozenStalker ^^

Hey guys! I really want Underhero but I’m low on coins…I have a lot of steam keys from humble bundle and stuff, I’m sure we could figure out a trade. I’ll start getting a list but if someone wanted to hold a copy for me for a trade I would be eternally grateful

Highway Blossoms
Purrfect Date
Sun Rider Academy
Sunrider Academy Liberation Day
Sniper Elite 3
The Division
Metal Gear Solid V
Zombie Army Trilogu
Sniper Elite
Sniper Elite V2
War for the Overworld x2
Sniper Elite 4
Destiny 2
Moon Hunters
Holy Potatoes We’re in Space
Life is Strange Complete
Snake Pass
Sleeping Dogs
Dead Rising 2
Emily is away Too
Shadow Tactics Blade of the Shogun
The Corporate Machine
The Political Machine
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
NBA 2K17
Pony Island
Sins of a solar empire Trinity
This is the Police
Shoppe Keepe
Plague Inc
fault milestone one
Umbrella Corps
Saints Row 2
Deadlight Directors Cut
Project Highrise
Uncanny Valley
Hexcells Complete
Cook Serve Delicious
Leathal League
Town of Salem
Her Story
Shadowrun Dragonfall
Shadowrun Returns


Hey KittiBear. Would you be interested in a trade for your Sniper Elite 4? I know it may seem unfair, but you did list it so I assume it’s fair game.


Dude I’ll never play it so I would love to


Great, how do you wanna do this, over chrono’s PMs, discord, steam?


Anything works, I guess Chrono PMs it the easiest


I know you only wanted Underhero but are there any other games you are interested in (I have been wanting to play abzu but I cant justify buying it when it only has 2 or so hours of game play) .

here is a list of most of the games i have to trade:


I actually have all the games you have listed :c I can understand the thing about the price though. If you felt like spending 1$ you could gift me Montaro: RE on steam and I’d send the key your way (it’s the cheapest game I could think of)


Ok sounds good and thanks, here is my steam add me and lets make the trade :wink:


I did a trade with her +rep