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[CLOSED] Puyo Puyo Champions Giveaway :)



If Doctor Eggman counts because of the Dr. robotnik’s Mean Beans port, then Kirby’s Avalanche port should count as well :rofl:


I didn’t know there was a kirby game that was just re-branded puyo puyo! Getting it on my 2ds right now! :smiley:


Thanks for the giveaway! GL all :slight_smile:


Azulite! :kiwi_fruit:
I only started playing Puyo Puyo in PPT, but it’s really made me interested in trying out all the other Puyo Puyo games and actually learning how to play it well.


It was for the original SNES and was called Kirby’s Avalance in the US but was Kirby’s Ghost House in Europe, because Puyo Puyo pieces look like Ghosts? ??? :roll_eyes:


Thank You @BisexualAndroid For the giveaway sorry for not thanking you on chrono sooner :wink:


@BisexualAndroid we await the winner announcement with great anticipation!


The winner was already announced, but as an edit to the OP, rather than a new announcement post. I think this giveaway is over and done.