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[Closed]Giveaway: The Next Penelope (Steam)


I accidentally purchased this moments ago because it was on sale over at Humble, little did I realize, I already bought the game over on Steam some time ago. So of course I went ahead and tried to activate it, and Steam telling me I already own it. :man_facepalming: Well, it just means that some lucky Chronie will get it instead!

Let me know if you want it, and also please tell me why you want it. I will keep this open for a few days I think, whomever wishes to enter may do so.

I am going to use @ohko’s rules here:

I will pick a winner by RNG at the end of an arbitrary period. I will update here when that happens. The entry period will be at least 48 hours. I am leaving it half-ish open because I have a very busy week and I am not sure when I will come around to closing it. Maybe sometime this weekend. Once a winner is determined, you will receive a PM from me, and you will need to respond in 48 hours, otherwise the game will be rerolled to someone else.

Good luck!

I am sorry if this sounds like my other giveaway post, I just couldn’t help but copy and paste over…


Seems colorfull… Lol not enough to a reason to be honest … But hey it just caught my interest from the pics and the reviews…

This is a big Thanks for this one :two_hearts:


This one’s a pass for me, but kudos for holding the giveaway. The amount of screen shake in the first 30 seconds of the trailer was enough to make me close the tab.


Because I need it :rofl:, thanks for the givaway!! :clap::clap:


I didn’t know about this game but now that I watched the trailer I want it haha that’s my reason. Thanks for the giveaway!







:minibus: :checkered_flag:   :blue_car:       :truck:     :tractor: :red_car:  :articulated_lorry:     :blue_car:         :truck: :police_car: :red_car:   :taxi:

:point_up: HEY THAT’S ME!

:trophy: :1st_place_medal:


Too much screenshake? Sign me up!


Oh jeez was not expecting Happycat. Which I know from

Isn’t that a blast from the past.


I’m in. Game looks pretty fun, colorful and just kind of hectic. Looks pretty good. Thanks for the giveaway!


Just piggybacking off of the NEDM train which will consume us all! Muahahaha!

I remember this specific guitar remix of NEDM and with the Dunecat meme in the picture and I still have no idea what this one pertains too. All I know though is I freaking loved the song. Maybe I’ll look into Dunecat if it really is worth my time. Probably not haha. Meme’s.


I’d like to enter for this one. Looks fun


OMG! I totally forgot about these, been super busy lately!

Will be doing the rolls tonight and getting back to everyone soon! (Still at work for a few hours, will do it once I get home tonight!)

Sorry for the wait everyone… yikes! I should have set a reminder for myself. LOL!


Woah, I forgot about this giveaway too. I forgot to enter.


Thanks for the giveaway.


Looks fun, colorful, and another game to add to my collection >:). I saw this post pretty late though lmao, if you don’t want me to enter it’s all good!


Rolls are done, the giveaway has ended.

(as a lot of you know, I don’t publicize winners, they can do it if they wish, but for me, it’s a private matter and they can keep it a secret should they wish to do so.)