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[Closed]Giveaway: The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human (GOG)


For those of you who have an active GOG account, I have a spare key here to this game:

I got the game on Steam already, so maybe someone here will have better use for it on GOG than me.

Let me know if you want it, and also please tell me why you want it. I will keep this open for a few days I think, whomever wishes to enter may do so.

I am going to use @ohko’s rules here:

I will pick a winner by RNG at the end of an arbitrary period. I will update here when that happens. The entry period will be at least 48 hours. I am leaving it half-ish open because I have a very busy week and I am not sure when I will come around to closing it. Maybe sometime this weekend. Once a winner is determined, you will receive a PM from me, and you will need to respond in 48 hours, otherwise the game will be rerolled to someone else.

Good luck!


Now I love GOG and this game looks really nifty! The pixel art is just adorable! :slight_smile:

I’d love to enter for this game because I absolutely love pixel games and side scrollers, they remind me of the older games that I used to play (like TMNT etc) as a kid all of the time. The comparison to Homer’s work also has be really, really interested. haha

Thank you @YQMaoski for hosting this giveaway, and good luck to those who enter! :blush:


Pretty game, until I saw the Octopus. Exit stage anywhere-else. Cheers for hosting a giveaway though. :heart:


Ooh I wanna enter, looks like a very pretty pixel game that I would sure play.
I have a some what semi active account on GOG xP

Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Good luck everyonee


I’d like to enter for this one. Exploration seems to be the primary point and according to the reviews also the part it does best and that’s what I tend to enjoy the most. Thanks for sharing.


'Dem pixels. Mm! Put me down for an entry, good sir!


It looks very nice and I love GOG, I’m in! Good luck everyone


I’m in and thanks for the giveaway! I love exploration games and I really like the look of the game. The look in itself drew me in.


This looks quite neat, but maybe too spoopy for me, I’m not sure.


:star_struck: Two great GAs!

I’ve always been terrified of what lies in the ocean. Subnautica changed everything now that I can explore the deep blue with WASD and my mouse :sweat_smile: I would love to go on another sea-faring adventure. Put me in, captain! :raised_hand:


@ohko That’s on my to play when I better compy list - Subnautica. :slight_smile: Also, would love to jump into Sinking City - the premise is pretty neat. Have you seen it? No need to reply here as I don’t want to go too off-topic, but you might find that title interesting too. :sunny:


Don’t have an GOG account (yes, I know) so I can’t enter, but the game looks amazing.

Good luck to everyone + appreciating @YQMaoski for hosting a giveaway.


I’d like to enter for this one.


OMG! I totally forgot about these, been super busy lately!

Will be doing the rolls tonight and getting back to everyone soon! (Still at work for a few hours, will do it once I get home tonight!)


Hee hee, anyone who hangs around me, even a little, gets forgetful. Not your fault. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just saw this giveaway alongside the other one lol. Reasons I want it: Water, Aquaman. Again, all cool if you don’t enter me because I was late haha.


Rolls are done, the giveaway has ended.

(as a lot of you know, I don’t publicize winners, they can do it if they wish, but for me, it’s a private matter and they can keep it a secret should they wish to do so.)

Good luck to everyone next time! There will be more coming in the future, I promise, life’s been a bit too busy to keep up, so hopefully things will calm down a bit soon!