[Closed] Giveaway: Dungeons 2

Let’s make this giveaway straight forward and simple.

Open to all.

Ends in 1 week, at time of Chrono deal refresh on August 12, 2019.

Winner will get a private message from me, and you will need to respond within 24 hours of the PM to claim your prize. Otherwise, it’ll be redrawn to someone else.

Let me make this clear, this is not an equal opportunity lottery entry and priority will be given to regular Chrono.gg forum members. It’ll be a bit more work on my end, but I plan to do something different from usual this time. (I plan on using the number of badges as the number of raffle tickets that you have for the entry, and the winner will still be decided by RNG, of course.)

To earn extra raffle tickets for yourself, be active in the community and earn a few more badges by the time the deadline rolls around.

I may also arbitrarily give extra raffle tickets for people who do nice things, such as:
  1. a history of giving away games here previously
  2. share something personal below about why they want to play this game
  3. like this post
  4. I don’t know, whatever you do that gets you on my good side.

Good luck all! :clap:


Interesting idea to base entries on badges, I like it. Maybe I should go for a week of like spamming as well just to get some of the more silly badges in case this becomes a new standard.

I wont be entering since I own the game already. Thanks for running another giveaway though.


Thanks for running the giveaway, yeah I’m not entering either since I already own this game as well (both gog and steam) but it reminds me to play it more. But good luck to those who decide to enter, it’s worth playing. Badges r pretty cool though, I wanna try getting more ha


Not entering! Thanks for the giveaway to the community.:+1:


Thank you for your giveaway. :+1: I think many of us already have it, cause it was free once.


Thank you for the giveaway to our awesome Chrono community! :purple_heart: Also, interesting idea to use badges as raffle tickets. :+1:

Well then, guess I will be first to enter? I’ve been meaning to pick up this title as well as the first since I finished the 3rd one. I absolutely loved the third game in the series, so the second would definitely get some love should I win.

Good luck to all that enter and thank you again for the chance. :heart_eyes_cat:


Not entering but just stopping by to say great idea for the raffle mechanic. Earn more badges for more tickets… So simple and effective!


Not entering since I already own the game but I think is very interesting the idea of badges=tickets to enter GA


I will be entering for this game since I don’t have it and I would love to get this game since this game is very similar to Dungeon Keeper and that game was amazing! Thanks for the giveaway @YQMaoski!


I would like to enter!
thank you for this new spin on a giveaway! good luck to all other entrants!
I would like this game because ive wanted to play it since I finished the first game.
either way thank you in advance for the chance to win! :smile:


Not entering :sunflower: thanks for the giveaway!


@YQMaoski I am experimenting with this entry mechanic in the new Raffle 8. It’s too good not to try it! I think it’s a great way to spark community involvement, even if it means using added incentive.


Agreed, not entering, but it’s a neat idea to encourage forum participation.


Did someone say, “Dungeons?!”

One of my friends has been wanting to play this second entry in the series after he watched me play the third one, so I’d like to enter for him.

Thank you, @YQMaoski !


I am including your name in the drawing, but please stop entering in the last minute. Thanks…

Entries closed, drawing soon. Expect PMs within the next 1/2 hour or so.

PM sent to winner, giveaway closed. Thank you for participating, and good luck next time!