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Thanks to that good soul that gave the game to me.


Hmm , well you might find some lovely person here ( and there are lot of lovely people here ) who would go for such trade but values are the problem here. Terraria is way more valuable than what you have or could buy from coin shop.

Just sayin’ :slight_smile:


valuable like price?

ATM on steam:
underhero is 14,99€
redout is (31,99€)-70% = 9,59€
terraria is 9,99€
and pretty sure I have seen terraria in some sales and summer sale is coming so if I dont get the trade I will just have to wait for that I guess.

So doesnt seem that there is much diufference in price?


Valuable like Redout was just given away for free on several sites , Under hero was sold here for coins ( pretty much given away for free ) . Terraria as far as i’m aware was never free anywhere .

But dont take my word as some sort of gospel , it’s just my own take on this whole thing :slight_smile:


I would rate Terraria higher than the titles you offer as well, but I think you have a better change trying to find it through barter which is made for trades like this.