CK2 DLC subscription model

Crusader Kings 2 is using a new monetization model that is a bit interesting.

The base game became free to play and the DLCs are still being sold.

As an alternative to buying all the DLCs ($200+) for all the content, they put in a $5 subscription to unlock all the DLCs for a month.

What do you think?

I on the other hand…

I can’t imagine spending $310.70 for all the DLCs so can it be brought down to a solid $60? I think that since the developers have moved on to CK3, there will not be any more DLCs for CK2. So can’t they make it a single game now? I know it will not look as impressive without all the DLCs. But it is a lot of content and will still sell itself.


Paradox has been looking for ways to better monetize their products for a while
and doing the subscription model is only a win win for them, well sans the steam cut ofc
^“banking” on the old adage “people forget to cancel their subs” might even make this even more attractive “now” with CK2’s age


I’d say it would easily be worth 5$ a month, on the other hand you don’t need any of the DLC until you have at least 200 hours in the game.


That’s a lot for dlc does anyone actually pay that price or is that price there to make the subscription model more appealing


oooOOOOOooooooh. Interesting!

So you’re saying they’re price anchoring. That does make the $5 subscription seem like the best deal with such big savings.


it’s standard Paradox dlc approach
they keep adding dlcs to games over many years so eventually it kinda blows up, tho usually it’s rare they are all “mandatory”, and the content varies greatly from dlc to dlc

but yea, that was kinda my point about it being a win for them to do this approach
any existing CK2 owner likely have the dlc they wanted, so no more money to be made from them, and while it is a possibility new players might buy some dlc with game being f2p, it’s a lot more likely to squeeze out a couple of dollars on a sub instead.
(with the added bonus of them potentially forgetting about their sub :sweat_smile:)