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City of Brass Free @ Epic Games



“Epic Games is giving away FREE copies of City of Brass for one week, starting today and lasting until June 6th 2019.”

Grim Dawn + DLC - 5/31/19 - $4.99/$12.60/$3.90/$13.60

Logged in to claim this one as usual just in case. Having previously cleared all my epic cookies I checked again now and noticed as @xist mentioned a little while ago that epicgames now set 25Mb worth of cookies for this one visit. That is a very strange size for what should amount to a handful of txt files.


they are deploying some special undercover cookie agents just for you unbelievers bunch… thing is, now you uncovered them…


Thanks for the info.




Just gave it a quick blast. Not bad. Might actually go back to it.


wut?, that sounds pretty crazy… like, has any other site, ever, reached anywhere close to that on a single visit/log in, or even multiple views?? :open_mouth:


What surprised me even more. Not 1 tracker! Madness :wink:




Maybe it’s preallocating Local storage space. Have you been able to check the contents of the files it’s creating?