Cities: Skylines - Parklife DLC for owners of the base game

To be eligible for receiving Parklife DLC for free on your Steam account, please follow the steps below:

  • Own a base game of Cities: Skylines on Steam.
  • Create a Paradox Account (
  • In the Settings tab, sign up for Paradox newsletter.
  • Verify your email (remember to check your spam and promotion folders on your mailbox).
  • Back on your Paradox account Settings, sign up for Cities: Skylines newsletter.
  • Link your Paradox and Steam accounts on the Settings tab.
  • Set your Steam account to “Public” so our team can confirm you own the base game. You can reset your Steam profile to private after you’ve received the giveaway.
  • Wait up to 36 hours for DLC to appear in your Steam library.

sigh… i hate paradox have to do so annoyingly convoluted freebies…
it’s a dlc, they could just toggle it free for the period directly on steam, as you’d need base game still to even play it, despite enabling it “for all”…

feck, don’t even think i can remember my paradox acc :man_facepalming:


they do it just to have your email and you opting in to the newsletter, which is the only reason they’re giving the dlc

it’s the best way for them to advertise their games and sell more, so it’s practically free advertising for them given it doesnt actually cost them anything


Thanks, @pegasusz :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


i get that, but it’s stupid, besides newsletter advertising isn’t exactly they best, given the plethora of options to get rid of it, even before getting the dlc -which i’m sure they are aware of, which is why i it’s such a doubly stupid method for giveaway

edit, aaand apparently doing this, idono linking steam accounts, or something in these steps, removed my paradox games from my account :man_facepalming: except for Tyranny… dafuq


Same happened to me (for the free CK2 DLC ofc :joy:) They seem to hide the games you own on Steam from your Paradox account.