ChronoGG Reminder App!



Swoosh! Another reminder alternative made by me. This time it’s an app that runs directly on your desktop!

What does this app do?

This app is designed to remind you of daily deals & when ChronoGG adds new games to their coin shop!

What platforms is this available on?

Any platforms that Electron supports (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

Where can I view the source?

You can view it right here.

Hey, I’m having some trouble with this app.

Feel free to open an issue on the tracker along with the app version (you can find this on the about page in the app) and the problem you are encountering.


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I will continue to support my bot for people that wish to receive Steam chat notification instead!


Dunno why this is reply-free but I just wanted to leave my deepest thanks! It’s working great for me. You da real mvp.

Just one question:

How do I get to that first screenshot you sent (w/ dustwind)?

I can only either get to “Settings” or “About” (:


If you click the notification when it pops up then you’ll see it. Good suggestion tho. Maybe there should be a way to see the current game of the day. Actually, I think that should be the default screen when you open the application. What do you think @RumbleFrog?


Well now we have to…

I’ve showered our Dearest Rumble Fishy Frog with praise in Discord but it is deserved here as well :wink:

Really cool tool for the community!


@coralinecastell @KSib Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, I cannot make the sale page the default due to some electron (main & renderer process) conflict. However, I did make the Sale tab available but dynamically added when possible. It’s introduced in v1.1.0


Somehow I just found this now! :blush: It looks great @RumbleFrog. Can’t wait to try it!


I’m sorry but I don’t have a lot of RAM, so I worry about what is running in the background.

Why does this simple notification/reminder app take this much RAM? Is it my computer?

This is the app running in background.

Just installed the ChronoGG app and I’m running Windows 10 October Update 1809.

I know its not a lot but its still too much for this “Simple implementation of ChronoGG reminder” app

Again, I’m sorry, I had to ask.

It uses Electron → Electron uses Chromium → Chromium uses RAM. :chart_with_downwards_trend:
That’s a very oversimplified explanation btw.


Yeah, what Spudmuffin said. This was made prior to ChronoGG having the notification. Meaning, this app is now pretty much retired.

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