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ChronoGG logs say I click on the coin today, but I didn't


I presume that someone found out my password, and I have already changed it.
But, in the unlikely case this is an error from the site, how can I be sure that I am not messing up something?



if someone found out yr password, they probably would’ve changed it, no?

maybe u just inadvertently double-clicked and so it immediately gave u the ‘already clicked’ message

also, u look really scary


Sorry, I am an idiot.
The battery in my motherboard is empty, so it does not keep track correctly of time and date.
When I logged before, the date was set on yesterday.
Really, sorry for mess.

Ps: I may not look like, but I am a very nice person =)


Please check your coin history! As @M00 mentioned above, double clicking is common and may be causing a visual glitch. :blush:


Welcome to the party. Now is never too late.

Welcome to the forums. :smiley:


Ditto :heavy_heart_exclamation: