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Chrono wins the prize!



2 more trackers than the site in 2nd place. Well done! :wink:


Ooh, what do we win?!

Just for clarification, much of that is from the embedded Twitch/YouTube players and the Twitter share option. The only 3rd party trackers we use are for analytics and anti-fraud: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Kissmetrics, and Sift Science (which is no longer used, we should remove that).


don’t think i’d ever fault a store for such “tracker”
(ps hope it’s gone better on that front)


How useful is an anti-fraud feature if it gets detected as a tracker and blocked though?


no idea, if it gets fully blocked tho just from being detected,
i’d kinda assume it would still have some functionality that didn’t just get easily blocked from such a simple/standard tracker check?
otherwise it seems kinda silly oversight for those that made it to not consider with the common and basic/standard blocking features +extensions


Good they don’t have fb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or maybe they will lol
13 is not so bad tbh i’ve seen a lot lot more x3
News sites average on 41 trackers per site.


Really? Jeezuz!


Useful mainly for the negative signal. Script blocking is often considered a higher indicator for fraud. Obviously by itself it’s not a good indicator, but in conjunction with other signals it can help. Also, for whatever reason, some fraudsters don’t block scripts, so it’s helpful in those instances as well.


Just to promote this is you don’t like trackers, I suggest Privacy Badger to stop advertisers and others from secretly tracking you. I would also suggest HTTPS Everywhere just to keep most things to link with https:// rather than not with them. :slightly_smiling_face: